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If neatness can be obsessive compulsive, what is the term for someone who is the ultimate in messiness?

Asked by Sunny2 (18842points) March 17th, 2013

The question is Inspired by Chyna’s question of neatness being obsessive compulsive behavior. Is there a clinical term for a slob?

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A hoarder?

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Slob works pretty well.

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Mental? And I mean that in the kindest sense, like that person needs a therapist. :)

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Senile squalor syndrome or diogenes syndrome.

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Oscar Madison-itis.
Also, bachelor-with-no-sex-drive-itis.

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Peanuts cartoon it was Pigpen.

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OCD can have numerous manifestations. Some of them appear to be opposites, such as excessive tidiness and apparent slovenliness. Odd as it may seem, both of those behaviors can have perfectionism as a major characteristic. An OCD hoarder is not the same thing as a common lazy slob but something else entirely.

This is a layperson’s opinion. I am not a trained mental health professional, but I have done my reading.

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As far as I know psychology would look for the underlying cause and that might be the diagnosis. They might be depressed, schizophrenic, anxious, etc., and a symptom is the messiness. But, I am not sure this is just my guess from a few classes of psych and what little I know about how doctors and nurses will actually mark on a chart how messy someone is dressed or if their apartment is untidy.

I sent the Q to a psychologist jelly. He might be a psychiatrist? I don’t remember.

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Anal expulsiveness? Considering OCD features anal retentive behaviors.

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The anal/expulsive dichotomy in psychology.
I am a big fan of personality profiling and much of human behavior has to do with predominant brain functions. Thinking vs.feeling vs. logic vs. emotion vs. linear and orderly vs. free spirited and flexible.
Balance is the key as always.

I am a very free spirited type and will always leave the dust for another day, however…dust is not cockroach infested dishes and cat shit all over the house. lol

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Depending on the circumstances sloppy disorganized behaviour could be some form of juvenile rebellion or the result of attention deficit disorder. There are a variety of personality disorders that could contribute to such behaviour. One would have to do a complete assessment of the person and his/her family history and current family situation to arrive at a reasonable diagnosis.

I wish I had a funnier answer but my place is such a mess and I don’t know where to start to get things in order :-)

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@Dr_Lawrence Yes, but you have a disability, sooo, go easy on yourself. :-)

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As an early teen I went from minimalism and extreme order and neatness. Ex: dusting blinds weekly, everything labeled even though I was getting rid of stuff I didn’t use in a week every week and down graded from a dresser to a single shelf. To can’t see the floor disaster zone. Looking back this paralleled a traumatic event in my life. I see it as essentially the same an eating disorder or any other compulsive thing like cutting, hair pulling etc. It can be a manifestation of inward turmoil.

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@coloma Yes, that’s true but my ADD doesn’t help! It was sweet of you to give such a generous response to my answer!

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