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We can't type Chinese, right?

Asked by duckuu (1points) July 5th, 2007

It's a pity, I think.

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You're right, duckuu... we don't support Chinese yet. But we're planning to add support for it (and many other languages) pretty soon, so stay tuned.

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Wow. There are Mandarin and Cantonese as the major languages with over several dozen dialects. I don't know whether they use the same characters or ideographs. You will have your work cut out for you. I gather that you both are having don't forget Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindu and other fascinating languages that don't use the
Roman alphabet..... and think of the challenge of all the diacritical marks. Love it all.

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Wowow, do you think dialects in your country need another encoding programe? I guess gailcalled is not a programer. Simply using utf-8 can get over all of the problems. Note your mysql (may be other sqls) should be set utf-8 as default, not ISO-8859-1.
p.s. I like this ben's website, it's fantastic and Ajaxing. I find here from CSS Remix. Hope it to be more popular!

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I can: 汉语

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You're right. I am definitely not a programmer...having learned only FORTRAN in the 1960's no longer cuts it. The new languages are, I believe, mainly for the younger generation, of whom there seem to be more and more on fluther.

@duckuu used 7 terms that I had never seen, much less understand. That is good...we all have things to learn. But it does seem to be changing too rapidly to get even a toehold. And while there are lots of regional forms of speech and usage in the US, there is only one accepted version of standard written English.

@sferik; very cool. What does it mean :=)

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It is the word for "Chinese."

You too can use Unicode characters (albeit inconveniently), by typing an ampersand (&), the number sign (#), the letter x, the Unicode code point, and a semicolon. For example, to display a peace sign I would type ☮ which displays as ☮.

You can find charts of Unicode code points at

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I've got the East Asian languages pack installed on my Win XP machine, so typing in Chinese characters works for me.

I don't actually know the unicode versions of the characters, although I've noticed that they're displayed in the live preview while I'm preparing my answer. 8-)

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Haha! That was fun.

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Although if you have a Mac, then you are ready to go in just about any major language, (and some not to major that I’ve always found interesting)
漢語 – traditional
简化字 – simplified
Ŝŝ Ĉĉ Ĥĥ – Even Esperanto characters.

Woo ho for Unicode!!!

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