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Any recomendations for a free online dating site?

Asked by antimatter (4424points) April 10th, 2013

I am not cheap and won’t mind donating a small fee should a dating website ask for it, but I do have a problem when they start asking credit card details. I am looking for a website where I can meet up with someone possibly have a future relationship, I tried a few sites and it allows you to have limited access and you got to pay should you wish to chat or send a message.

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I met my husband on

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I don’t have any personal experience with it but i do have 2 friends who used and speak very highly of it. One guy said you need to be careful filtering out the crazies. According to him you should write back and forth at least a few times and get an idea if he/she can string a sentience together without too many mistakes, curses, innuendo, or txtspk. It worked for him.

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Thanks @LuckyGuy thats seems to be a big turn off is the crazies and the weirdos.

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Pay sites have their share of crazies and weirdos. The freakiest ones I met were on the most expensive – eharmony. One thing you have to remember about online services is that you’re throwing a line out to everyone on the site. In real life, there would be people who would not approach you WILL write you because it’s a lot less effort and risk.

And you should talk to them via messages and then the phone for a while to get a vibe. While I never met any criminals or dangerous people, I met quite a few folk that were very lonely and desperate to be with ANYONE. And they wouldn’t read my profile to see that we had anything in common. A few conversations will just let you know if you have good chemistry.

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I like okcupid myself. I am also on match, (which costs money) I feel I can get a better sense of a person on okcupid than on match, because match has a limited number of boxes to check off. But okcupid has tons of interesting questions and many have a variety of answers.

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I am on okcupid and matches have come up who seem like they would be compatible with me. Unfortunately, they are all snooty New Yorkers who don’t seem to respond to Jersey girls. I did go on one date (in NYC); the guy wasn’t at all scary but a little too oddball for me in the long run.

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I know a woman who uses the pay site CHristianmingle and she is amazed at the low quality of the candidates and their responses. I guess there are Christian crazies as well.

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That’s how I met my girlfriend (of two years) whom I will eventually marry.

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Plenty of fish, is another

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I met my husband on There are days I’m not sure if that’s a ringing endorsement or a warning. :P Definitely screen your matches and write back and forth before meeting in a neutral place.

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I met my husband on a Catholic dating site. I was on match, eharmony, etc etc etc. Met my fill of nutcases, as well as some very nice gentlemen. As above, I highly recommend emailing a few times to get a sense of how well they frame their words. Then talk on the phone a few times. Don’t rush, this is someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Meet in public for a lunch or just coffee for a first meeting. Good luck! It took me 5 years, but I was extremely picky, but I had to be since I had come out of a 28 year marriage to someone totally incompatible. But, it’s ok to be picky. Just choose your priorities and ‘deal-breakers’.

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