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What was your first date like?

Asked by iCeskate (451points) June 13th, 2008 from iPhone

just curious

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well my first date was with the guy that was totally gay.! so it didnt count.. heh

but when i went out with my current bf for the first time.. it was actually the first time we had seen each other we previously talked on the phone or MYSPACE

so it was cool.. i was really nervous and he was too..umm we went to the movies to return some tickets i purchased earlier.. we went to a skate starbucks.. and just drove around.. we had his little brother with us so we didnt really get close wink

but i had lots of fun :)

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what kind of date is that if the little brother was with you?

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well he had to take care of his little brother and plus his mom wouldnt let him borrow the car if he didnt bring him along

he was just standing with us and not really talking.. i really didnt care

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It was kind of awkward, but in a cute way. My first real date was when I was 13, he was 14. We went bowling and I stunk at it. I kept getting gutter balls (I think I was kind of nervous). He tried to verbally give me tips, but was too shy to get too close to physically help out (not like guys now who will pretty much straddle you in the bowling lane). After bowling we ate pizza and then played air hockey. I remember we both had a lot more fun playing air hockey. I consider it a pretty good first date.

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Great question. Her name was Mary something (Ulrich?), and she was a head taller than I was at the least. I was in 7th grade and she was in 8th. I think our respective parents dropped us off at the movie theater. I want to say that we saw Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Afterwards, we went to the Carvel across the parking lot for ice cream. She had butter pecan, and I had orange something and managed (of course) to get some on my shirt. After some chitchat, we called it a date. I don’t think either of us really followed up with each other after that, and I don’t remember what my impulse was in asking her in the first place, although I do remember her being nice and pretty.

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My first real date was when I was 15. His name was Daniel, and he had just gotten his driver’s license and came to pick me up in his parent’s blue minivan. I’d had a crush on him for months, and I was so nervous I couldn’t eat a thing all day. We went to a movie and could barely even talk to each other (I guess he was pretty nervous too).

This wouldn’t be much of a story, but years later when we had chilled out a bit and he’d gone into the Marines and we’d become friends we talked and laughed about it and finally made out…many times. Teehee. To this day (13 years later), we are friends. I recently—as in within the last few weeks—hung out with him when I was in nyc, but he’ll be off to the state department soon and I won’t see him for years.

My first date will always have a piece of my heart. :)

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Great question. The first date I really remember was with a beautiful young lady named Gina Peirce. I was so nervous, I couldn’t eat at the restaurant and it was pissing her off. She said she was going to go to the bathroom and if I didn’t start eating while she was gone, I was to take her home.

I took her home.

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great question. My first real date was with my best friend, we had been talking for a good while to date.
Anyway it was a little normal, we went to eat and watched a movie after. I wish guys would be more creative.

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Well i was 13 maybe 14 i rang her about an hour before we were supposed to meet and she said she had to cancel. So i basically almost got stood up. Anyway we met the next weekend and she got dropped off by her dad and while she went to the bathroom in the cinema i got the 20 questions from her father. it was the most awkward 10 minutes ever. The date its self was not terrible and we went out for a few months. Not a bad first relationship i suppose.

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I think I must have been 12, I got my sister to straighten my hair for the first time ever and I went to see iRobot with a boy I had only talked to on msn but somehow found the courage to ask out (god knows where I got it from, I was usually extremely shy). It was alright as far as dates go, didn’t talk a huge amount since I was intent on watching the movie, it’s one of my favourites now :p I saw him again maybe 4 times over about 6 months, yeah we were still together but there wasn’t much to it, I think the most we did was hold hands. He moved to another sate after that so I guess we kinda just broke up then. We became really good friends after that though and he remains my best friend to this day, we talk on the phone regularly and I see him whenever I am in his state or whenever he comes back here to visit his extended family. We went to see Iron Maiden together in February which was the best night of my life.

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wow everyone had their first date at like 12–14

mine was when i was 17.. haha

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wow 17?!?!?

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yes… i really didnt care for a date.. my parents dont really let me out.. they are very VERY old fashioned.. and plus i didnt really find anyone that i really liked ‘til later

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oh I see (FYI my 14 birthday is in 26 days and Ive never gone on a “real” date)

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oh ok…. idk about other people but i dont really dig dates.. its kind of weird to me.. i rather hang out with them and get to know them in a larger environment. i dont like being completely alone with them because then i get bored pretty easy.. so yeah

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I was 14 and my date was 16. He picked me up and we went to the ice rink. I’m a skater and at that point had been trianing for a few years and it was his first time so I had to keep helping him (although he was pretty good for his first time). We must’ve looked weird cause I was so much smaller than him and I was helping him skate. Afterwords we went to the food court and got drinks. It’s been 2 years and we’re still dating :)

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oh that’s so cool I’m a figure skater too!!! I have been skaingbfor 8 years!!! What level are you?

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