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What are some crazy things you have done to please someone you like?

Asked by imrainmaker (6275points) 3 weeks ago

This is fun question. Let me know the things you have done in the past for your crush / someone you liked going out of the way to please him /her or to have their attention.

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I pretended to be a heterosexual.

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I ran, literally, a mile to the apothecary shop to pick up homeopathic “medicine” for a girlfriend before the store closed. I hate snake oil and fake cures and irrational woo, but I was under the irresistible power of the promise of sex.

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I searched under the snow barehanded for a flower for my girlfriend under a bridge. I found a wild dandelion. She didn’t care much. She did help me warm up though.

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Trying to take all advice of a friend.

She said I had a problem and only her could fix it and I believed. And I thought I was doing a good thing too.

It ended up draining me emotionallyeven more.

Then I realized I was just fooling myself that I was helping myself, and I was just trying to please her because I liked her.

And she didn’t care about me in reality. She just wanted a validation that she was a great friend.

It wasn’t a nice experience.

Sorry for being a downer, but it’s a true story.

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^That’s fine @mimi. Every story doesn’t need to have happy ending. That’s life!!

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I pretended to like asparagus.

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I was nice to his horrible mother.

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