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What are some crazy things you have done to please someone you like?

Asked by imrainmaker (8258points) November 22nd, 2017

This is fun question. Let me know the things you have done in the past for your crush / someone you liked going out of the way to please him /her or to have their attention.

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I pretended to be a heterosexual.

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I ran, literally, a mile to the apothecary shop to pick up homeopathic “medicine” for a girlfriend before the store closed. I hate snake oil and fake cures and irrational woo, but I was under the irresistible power of the promise of sex.

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I searched under the snow barehanded for a flower for my girlfriend under a bridge. I found a wild dandelion. She didn’t care much. She did help me warm up though.

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Trying to take all advice of a friend.

She said I had a problem and only her could fix it and I believed. And I thought I was doing a good thing too.

It ended up draining me emotionallyeven more.

Then I realized I was just fooling myself that I was helping myself, and I was just trying to please her because I liked her.

And she didn’t care about me in reality. She just wanted a validation that she was a great friend.

It wasn’t a nice experience.

Sorry for being a downer, but it’s a true story.

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^That’s fine @mimi. Every story doesn’t need to have happy ending. That’s life!!

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I pretended to like asparagus.

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I was nice to his horrible mother.

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