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What's with the iPhone's clock?

Asked by intro24 (1434points) June 13th, 2008 from iPhone

Why is the clock icon always set to 10:15?Is there any significance to it?

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It’s strange, isn’t it? I would have made it act like a clock. It’s interesting to note that the Maps’ icon is a map of Infinite Loop, Cupertino, where Apple’s main headquarters are located.

I’m in Australia and Apple’s Australian website screenshot shows the Weather icon at 23 degrees, whereas on the main Apple website it shows the weather as 73 degrees, the icons never change, but they’ve set it in the region format…. maybe other countries have different times on their Clock icons as well? I guess countries which observe different calendars must have different calendar icons too?

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On the Irish model, it’s the same: Clock shows 10.15 and the Weather shows sun and 23 degrees (which has yet to be true since I got this phone!!)

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I hadn’t noticed that before you mentioned it. I know that in ads for analog clocks and watches that they set them to 10:10 to indicate a smile. My uncle was a jeweler and watch repairman in the days of wind up watches, they would set the ones in the display cases to that for the same reason, a smile. Maybe Apple’s is a cheeky smile?

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Nice theory seesul… would seem fitting!

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Here’s another one to ponder. Why do all of the iPhone ads have the time at 9:42?

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Wow. I didn’t even notice the temp on the weather icon, the Infinate Loop on the map, or the 9:42 thing. Very interesting. Very suspicious.

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Another Fun Fact:
Apple was founded on April Fool’s Day.

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Apple has a track record of choosing and using interesting values

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and just to note, the clock icon in the widget is the one that “started it”
you know what i mean

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I was wondering if the 9:42 and 10:15 had something to do with birthdays. I know that Disney Imagineers use them. One great example is on Star Tours, the little baskets carrying the parts have birth dates on them of people involved in the ride. They aren’t Jobs or Woz, so others in the company or relatives?

Cupertino isn’t only on the map, it comes up in several other places in Apple products.

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Such as the Mail logo in Mail! There are heaps of little details in the icons of Mac OS X such as the words of the Think Different ad “Here’s to the crazy ones…” written on the text edit icon.
Apple’s copyright information is located on the clear plastic part of the disc in the iTunes logo.
The Dashcode widget references the sketched logo as a draft for the Dashboard icon, and shows it’s copyrighted in 2005.
And let’s not forget the famous Blue Screen of Death networked PC icon!

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73 Fahrenheit = 23 Celsius

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divide 10 by 15…. here is a new trend!

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