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How could a person lose weight just by using a juicer?

Asked by Aster (18231points) April 29th, 2013

I’ve been reading about the Nutri Bullet ? and people keep saying they’re losing a lot of weight by drinking one container of blended fruits and veggies a day. Is this true ? How would that work?

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If it’s on their own website, they very well might have made-up testimonials. Of course, people want to lose weight magically, so advertising often plays into that desire.

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Surely it depends on what else they’re eating as well?

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The answer is found in a booklet entitled “How to Sell More Juicers.”

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Implicitly, the container of blended fruits and vegetables is a replacement for some other meal (or possibly more than one meal). The majority of people would, in fact, lose weight if they replaced one meal everyday with a blended mixture of raw fruits and vegetables. To lose a lot of weight would take quite a bit of time, though, which is why sites rarely give a timeframe for the loss.

That said, I agree with the above comments that this is mostly just an advertisement.

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If you bought two of the heaviest ones, you could bench press them twenty times a day.

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I think juicers are really to condense as many nutrients as possible in one go. We chew food so it kind of goes down the same way.

Depending on what is added they have value for a couple of days to kick start a diet. Realistically though we need to just make healthier food choices after that. Not diet.

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Some if not all raw juices stimulate digestion and increase visits to the porcelain library, which in turn can cause temporary weight loss.

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Can’t be too good for the digestive system and the colon as we need fiber ( chunks) to clean out the colon, not juice only.
Good for a snack, all those minerals and vitamins.

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I was always told to be cautious with drinking too much fruit juice, as it has a ton of calories…..

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@Inspired_2write Note that the product in question is a blender, not a juicer. You will still get all of the fiber contained in the fruits and vegetables when you drink the resultant mix.

@jca Most juice that you buy in stores has added sugar. Moreover, the juice of a fruit contains most of its sugar. In a blended mix, the flesh will make up most of the drink’s bulk. Real juice, however, contains virtually none of the fruit’s flesh. This means you need the juice of more fruits to fill the same size cup, which is another reason why juice can be high in calories. But again, this does not apply to a blended mix. If you just blend the fruits and vegetables up and drink the resultant mix, you will get no more calories than if you had eaten the fruits and vegetables directly.

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Actually liquid calories aren’t registered in the body the same way as chewed food. So there is the potential to gain weight as these juices can be high calorie.

If however you are replacing a 32 oz soda or mochawhip coffee you will probably lose weight though it may take time. More so if you add dairy or sweeteners to the juice which should be sweet enough with fruit and maybe a spice.

If you haven’t been previously getting enough nutrients because of a lack of produce in your diet you probably will eventually start eating less calories as our body will send messages to your brain that you still need food because you are nutrient deficient in something. Even though calorically or physically you are full. Same as being dehydrated.

If you do use this as a meal replacer you are more likely to lose weight faster. Assuming you don’t use the one uber healthy meal to justify all sorts of other cheating.

Also if you had a poor diet prior to you probably now have more energy to do things in general be more active and make healthier decisions.

I personally prefer green smoothies to juicers that strain fibrous material out of the juice. They are thicker and more filling. Fiber is good. And they produce less waste and take less time to create and clean up.

So yes you can lose weight but it is highly dependent on you.

Added: Certain foods are known to speed up metabolism. Produce has a higher number of these foods in it. Plus the general lack of additives and preservatives make an argument quality over quantity.

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“people keep saying they’re losing a lot of weight by drinking one container of blended fruits and veggies a day. Is this true ? How would that work?”

Yes, we lost a lot of weight when I started making smoothies over a year ago.

I use organic vegetables (kale, spinach, collards, carrots, green and/or red bell peppers) and some fruits since raw kale by itself (in my opinion) tastes disgusting.

But, at the same time, we eliminated meats, butter, milk, most cheeses and processed foods. I also cut out most carbohydrates like bread. Not drinking alcohol also helps.

Take a look at someone’s food cart at the store: If the foods are mostly fresh vegetables and fruits, then that the person (and their children if they have any) is thin. Conversely, if there’s a lot of processed foods and meats in the cart, the person is almost always heavy or obese.

The biggest cost is not the food processor (in my case, the $450 Vitamix with an 8 year warranty), but the cost of all new clothing. I made the mistake of buying clothing after we lost a lot of weight (but we were never fat to begin with). Then over the months we lost more weight and again I bought new clothing. Then after a year when our weights finally stabilized I had to buy all new clothing again. Now our big problem is finding clothing in our small sizes since most of the clothing where we live are larger sizes.

Our other problem is eating out: Every vegan/vegetarian restaurant is our area is awful and awfully expensive. I’m an infinitely better cook than the meals served in every restaurant in our area. The only time we find good restaurant food is when we visit a major city like LA or NYC.

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