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Do you juice?

Asked by XD (1519points) August 24th, 2011

This hasn’t been asked, I think, since 2008.

I’m getting an Omega 8004 in a day or two, and I could not be more stoked to try it. I got suckered by the stories in Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, which is one clumsy ass documentary, but still compelling.

I found researching juicers a tough nut to crack, because there’s a lot of crap on the market and a lot of specificity in terms of styles and designs. For example, there are four types of juicers (centrifugal, single auger, double auger, press), etc, etc. The most expensive is $2,500! Anyway, I finally found this site (and their YouTube channel), which is awesome for straight-up objective product evaluations and all the things to consider (such as not focusing on juicing fruits because the lack of fiber sends your blood sugar on a ride).

My plan is to do green (color)/veggie juices and I’m stoked that the juicer I ordered is supposed to be really efficient (in terms of squeezing out the juice), especially with greens and easy to clean—the cleaning part is a common complaint.

I’m open to the idea that I’m being suckered (so bring it on), but I’m still enthusiastic. Any other enthusiastic juicers out there? What’s your experience?

@mods, sorry for the infomercial. The Web site really is an excellent, objective source of info and not the easiest to find.

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No, working out and beefing up isn’t one of my priorities now. I like working out a little but doing that is too much to me.

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Yes! We have an industrial juicer for $200 and the juice is mostly for the kids. I put all my fruits into the blender with soy milk and chocolate chips.

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Oops, wrong juice lol.

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The SO’s parents have a juicer that we’ve used. It would be a great device for people who live with someone who has an aversion to eating vegetables in order to get the recommended nutrients into their bodies in a fresher state. Otherwise, it’s just easier to eat them raw, serve lightly steamed or toss them in with other dishes. Plus, a juicer discards the bits that are important to keeping the digestive tract in good shape: fiber.

@Simone_De_Beauvoir We use a blender for fruit smoothies and add yogurt and granola/shredded wheat type grains.

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It’s nice to get it already done. I can’t stand when it comes to cleaning the blender.

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I’ve used that site before for research and he does have lots of good info and comparisons. His YouTube vids are also well done.

However, he doesn’t have the lowest prices. Once you’ve decided upon the make and model, there are significant savings to be found by using other sites devoted to price comparisons (or even Ebay). To me, it was worth putting in the extra time to research the lowest price, especially for high ticket items like juicers and blenders.

Right now I’m saving up for a Vitamix but I know I won’t be buying from this site.

But it depends how important it is to you to save some bucks.

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Oh! I thought this question was about shooting up steriods! My mistake. Guess, I’ll return to watching my ABC after-school special about not “juicing” before a workout!

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:D cute

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@Buttonstc, that’s good to know. I’ll definitely keep that in mind. For my purchase, it looks like he was within $10 of the cheapest seller on froogle, and the shipping is free. I compared with Amazon before I bought through his site, but truthfully, I was thrilled to get such good info that I would not have minded throwing a little extra his way.

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Yes, we juice with a Breville juicer with fresh organics.

We also use our blender for green smoothies.

For the times that I don’t have the time or am in need of a time saver, we use Naked Green Machine or various types of Bolthouse Farms bottled juices.

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No. I’ve tried a couple different juicers and they are SO ANNOYING TO CLEAN!!! I just eat the fruits and veggies . . . you get all the juice PLUS the fiber!!!

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I used to have a juicer but I gave it away because it was such a pain to clean, and I felt bad about throwing away all that lovely vegetable and fruit fiber. Now I have a high powered commerical quality blender. It efficiently breaks down every cell wall, yet I get to keep the fiber. It’s easy to clean, and it makes great smoothies. Awesome product!

I’m in the process of discovering recipes now.

If you are health conscious enough to be juicing, you might be interested in the FDA’s Dirty Dozen. It’s a list of the 12 most pesticide laden fruits and vegetables sold in the USA. It changes from year to year. If you use organic foods, you will definitely want to concentrate on buying these ones. I tried to find the FDA link, but it was not as easy to find as this one:

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Thanks for the list, @snowberry. That’s a good resource. I’ve had mine for a month or so now, and pretty much just do a base of carrots, an apple, celery, zuchini or cucumber, romaine leaves, lemon, ginger, and a dark, leafy green. So far, I like kale best. I tried dandelion, and it is way bitter. My only disappointment is that it’s not yet a daily thing for me. I have noticed a difference though in energy and appetite, although my appetite is stronger just as often as it is diminished after a juicing. I got my juicer, though, in part because it is dead simple to clean. It’s a really nice design.

I went back and forth about blending (especially since we already have a couple of blenders), but decided the juicer was the better fit in my case.

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Which juicer did you get? Itecso difficult to find one that’s easy to clean.

Please share thevl name. Thanks.

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I got the Omega 8004. It’s a cinch to clean.

Since posting, I also got turned on to Gerson Therapy. There’s some good info on their Web site as well… I haven’t tried it, but the site (or the books) give some medical basis and method to juicing. I’ll probably start following those recipes instead of the mean green—also I’ll probably do smaller doses (8 oz) more frequently.

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Thanks for the update.

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