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Have you heard that Bird Flu is back in China?

Asked by philosopher (9145points) April 29th, 2013

Are you concerned? Do you remember how many died last time?
I think more must be done now.
Read about it here.
See link.

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I live in the middle of nowhere, so I’m not very concerned. I’m also pretty self sufficient. I hope it doesn’t mutate to spread from human to human, but I’m rather sure it will be fine.

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I am always concerned about possible epidemics that can kill millions.

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I only skimmed the article, but it looks like this strain is not human to human contagious yet. It also seems like WHO and CDC are following it. In fact the agencies always follow flus and how they are travelling around the world, that is how they decide what strains of flu to put into the flu vaccine every year.

I am not worried about it, because it looks like the people responsible for worrying are, and I can’t do anything except my usual deal of washing my hands and trying to not touch my face, which I do anyway. I don’t want to get a cold much less a flu.

The public is more aware now of the flu, because the media learned they can make big bucks reporting on it.

I’m not downplaying it, it does sound like this strain is possibly more deadly than most flus that come through.

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For more information on the H7N9 situation in China, please visit:

For the latest updates and information, please visit the WHO website at
This is part of the email response I received.

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