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Is it possible to have migraines without a headache?

Asked by chelle21689 (6831points) October 25th, 2013

For the past several months I’ve been feeling light headed, nausea, and sometimes a pounding headache. I went to a neurologist and he diagnosed me with migraines and prescribed me nortriptyline 10mg. I’m only taking 2 pills at night slowly increasing dosage.

It seemed to have worked but today I started feeling very light headed again. I didn’t take my pills yesterday, I wonder if that’s why.

But sometimes I feel light headed and nausea without any head pain. Could that still be a migraine?

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Yes. Migraines come in a number of versions. Mine have no pain at all, but suddenly part of my vision will be obscured with diamond shapes of glittery silver. If the area is large enough, I have to stop driving my car because I can’t see around the shimmering patch of silver diamonds. I was surprised to find the occurrence was diagnosed as Migraine. I haven’t had one for several years. Follow your doctor’s directions.

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That drug is a tricyclic I think. It is common for those type of drugs to be prescribed for chronic pain. Personally, I don’t love the idea, but as you know I am not a doctor. Certainly if it helps it is worth a try. It isn’t really a “migraine” drug, but those drugs are prescribed for migraines. That is if I have the drug right.

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Yes. On rare occasions, about 2x per year, I get Ocular migraines. My peripheral vision goes slightly off. There is no headache and I don’t take any meds for it.

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Yes… migraine aura without headache.

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Yep. During puberty, I was diagnosed with migraines and put on meds for it. However, I never had that horrible head-splitting pain everyone with migraines talks about. I have vision issues, like blurry splotchiness blocking my field of vision, along with light headedness. Sometimes it’ll turn into a small throbbing headache and sometimes it won’t.

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Yes! The only migraine I’ve ever had occurred with no headache. It scared the crap out of me – I thought I was having a stroke.

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And then there is a rare type of migraine that actually causes strokes. My son in law has that kind and he has had several strokes now.

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Yes, absolutely. My sister gets them like that. Always with the nausea and ocular disturbance but never a headache. I’m not prone to migraines but I did have one like that once. It was frightening.

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Yes, some people may not have the normal migraines,they may experience prolonged headaches or they may not have a headache at all. They are called “silent migraines”. The treatment for these type of migraines is similar to the typical ones
You can read more about silent migraines here:

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Like @snowberry‘s son in law, I’ve had two migraines that are closely similar to strokes. Ocular stuff, also inability to find words, inability to spell words. Scarey. No drugs. I don’t think the experts really know what the hell migraine is, because so many mysterious events are diagnosed as migraine – it’s kind of a catch-all. Good luck.

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