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Do you ever kiss your dog?

Asked by edmartin101 (776points) June 14th, 2008

Once I had a gf who would brush her dog’s teeth at least once a day and every time she left to work she kissed her dog before leaving. When I found out she did this, I didn’t want to kiss her anymore. I literally told her that I had to see her washing her mouth before I would kiss her. But you dog owners, how do you feel about this?

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hahahahhahaha. and how did she respond to this?
in all honesty, i would have done the same thing you did, but i have germophobic issues

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She didn’t want to do it in the beginning, but after she realized I was serious she ended up doing it. So you mean to say under no circumstance you will ever kiss your dog, right?

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this sounds like something out of seinfeld, besides the one with the toothbrush in the toilet. sometimes, my dog licks my mouth, but i see it coming and i turn my lips inward.

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I will never ever kiss a dog, yes that is correct. I also am not a dog owner, which is why i didn’t answer your main question initially.

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that is sooo freakin nasty!!

like today i was chilling with my dog and my bf walking around.. and i was carrying her because shes a lazy little chihuahua.. and i just let her lick my cheek….but in the mouth .. NO!!.. thats nasty… EVERYONE KNOWS WHERE DOG TONGUE’S HAVE BEEN.. YUK

the lady where my mom works lets her dog do anything they want… they are more important to her then her real children.. (lets just say they call my mom “MOM” )
.. and she kisses them all the time :P

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I agree with PnL I will never kiss a dog. I think it’s disgusting when dogs are licking people’s faces. It’s gross. Who knows what they have been sniffing and licking before that!

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i kiss my doggie on the head, but that’s IT. none of that creepy exchanging saliva stuff.

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not all kisses exchange saliva, so it was a peck

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I kiss my dogs, but not on the mouth!

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I kiss both of my dogs on their noses.
They kiss my nose and cheek. Gertrude, the Weimaraner, occasionally goes a little haywire with her kisses. She has kissed my mouth before, which is kinda unsettling because her breath is pretty rank. I usually can predict her excitement and inbound kisses, and turn my face so they land away from my mouth.

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I could never kiss my pets on the mouth – I’ve seen what they use it for!

Having said that, if I was in a relatively new relationship and the guy asked me to choose him or my habits with my pets…....I’d choose the dog (the 4-legged one).

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@wildflower You meant to say “f I was in a relatively new relationship and the guy asked me to choose him or my habits with my pets…....I’d choose my dog, not the other dog”

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I thought that was clear from the “4-legged” remark.

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I just wanted to make sure, that’s all

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I don’t do doggy kisses.

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In addition to syz and I am sure most will agree:

I don’t do doggy kisses, but I do doggy style!

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I kiss my dog on the sides of the mouth, just below the whiskers, and sometimes on the nose. I let him kiss my face, and occasionally he manages to get his tongue in my mouth. I never let him do it intentionally, but it doesn’t bother me very much when it happens.

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@ petethepothead ~ yes, I’ve also been the inadvertant recipient of french kisses from my dog (blech!)

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I kiss my pups on the top of their heads and their snouts. Bleu is usually good about just sitting there and letting me love him, but Angus will sit there and then all of a sudden whip one on me. He hasn’t french kissed me (yet.. thank goodness), he always licks my nose or cheek. And sometimes if I’m sitting on the steps outside my house Angus puts his front paws on my shoulders and licks my ear. It tickles, but he’s so heavy it takes a good 15 seconds to get him off. Cute pups. <3

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I kiss my puppies, which are not puppies anymore! I kiss their cheeks, their foreheads, sometimes their bellies! We keep our pups very clean! I would not have ever thought of a person French kissing a dog. Now that is down right icky!! But to each his own. And who am I to criticize someone else for what they do? I love my dogs & they love me, and they show me the only way they know how, with an occasional lick on my face my arm!

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Yes i have well he kissed me lol

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I give my dogs a quick peck on the top of their heads from time to time, but never swap spit with them.

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I can not believe that people would do that! That is just TOO nasty, actually I wanted to say something worse, but I am practicing some restraint!!

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@ sccrowell ~ yes, it’s very gross, and totally unintentional it just happens sometimes :0)

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Oh noooo, I didn’t mean that, like it sounded… Bailey, my dachshund, occasionally slips one by me or rather in, so I knew what you meant. That can be icky. What I was trying to say, was for a person to kiss a dog such as they would a person. You know tongue tongue… Now that’s what I meant.

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Oh mcbealer, I’m sorry that I caused you to feel as you did. I promise I meant NO DISRESPECT!!!! I promise! Please forgive me if I did!

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@ sccrowell ~ tis OK, no offence taken

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“Over the years, dogs have been considered a member of a family” This is the main reason we are willing to kiss our dogs, they are like children to some of us. Some people even prefer to have a dog than to have a bf/gf because they’re always happy as soon as you arrive home no matter how late; they’re never moody, nostalgic, resentful -unless you abuse them physically; they’re just such cute creatures, we love ‘em and are willing to spend thousands for their well being. I bet by now we even have dog’s health insurance, do we?

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everyone needs to relax. dogs are much cleaner than humans and…their tongues are most likely cleaner and have been in cleaner places than most people. i kiss my dog on the nose, mouth…i love my dog.=)

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@richbitch nice try, but I have never licked any dog’s genitals! How can you say their toungues have been in cleaner places?

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I don’t mind if a dog I know kisses me, but I usually wash my face after though. My auntie has 2 dogs (Megan, the Jack Russel, and Jake, who is an abandoned crossbreed she adopted from a centre).

She’s trained them to give her a little kiss when she says ‘kiss kiss’ to their faces (and no, my aunt is not insane, she’s only 10 years older than I am). I do it all the time :D

Megan is such a cheeky rat! She does this sort of half rugby-tackle, climbs on your face and…....licks up your nose…..Ew.

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yes, I kiss my dog, usually on the nose, but sometimes she gets her lips up there for a kiss on the lips. As long as there is no tongue contact, I’m okay with it.

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Kiss my dog?! She eats cat poop, for Heaven’s sake!

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And she drinks from the toilet, flushed or (Ack!) unflushed.

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My dog never licks his privates (I know this because I am with him a great deal and its just something he never does), has virtually no smell to his body or breath (due to the high quality food I feed him)and I kiss him on the muzzle and head and belly all the time. Several have said “no way, do you know where a dog’s tongue has been? well, I say….think about where your gf or bf’s mouth has been before and all the previous guys and girls before you…..LMAO. Personally i believe there is less chance of getting a disease from a clean pet than a human any day of the week…..

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Nope! I don’t kiss my dog on the mouth. I find it kinda icky. I do hear all these things about how they have cleaner mouths and tongues and all that, but I’m not really buying it. I just kiss the top of the head, etc. Anywhere but the mouth area. There will be times though when I miss the cheek and end up getting a doggy tongue shoved down my throat but I always wash my mouth vigorously after that.
But I have this one friend who completely grosses me out everytime he’s with his dog. He practically makes out with it! He lets the doggy give him mouthfuls of tongue all the time. And then HE will put HIS tongue in the DOG’S mouth. Blech—you can imagine how that always scars me. Even if I ever think about letting the dog kiss me on my mouth, I always go over to his place and it completely changes my mind. Yuck.

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Why do you ask? What has my dog been telling you? My dog is a damned liar, I tell ya’. It was an accident, I just slipped and landed on him…that’s all it was…an accident.

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Yes,on the forehead…..side of face but NEVER ON THE MOUTH THATS CREEPY AND SICK. I love my dog shes soooo cute she does the cutest things..she steals things an runs an when you chase her she rolls over for you to rub her tummy and she tries to play innocent i have a 1yr old long hair chihuahua she makes me so happy shes always excited to see me when I get in from work and no human would ever show me that much appreciation every single morning shes so loyal..when i go to the track to walk she walks with me as tired as she is she keeps trucking lol. She loves to lick my mouth and i say “dont u do that”

okay I got carried away witht he dog stories,...but ima dog lover….and first time dog owner

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Eskimo kisses only. :)

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