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In what movie/book/TV show was a character internally tormented by the fact that he was indirectely responsible for his brother being killed by a zoo animal?

Asked by girlofscience (7537points) June 15th, 2008

This has been bothering me and a few other people for weeks. Everyone remembers this scene/chapter, but no one can remember the rest of the story or where it came from. We’ve tried googling the shit out of it to no avail. Anyway, we’re pretty sure the movie/book/show was largely a comedy, and there was some random point at the end during which the protagonist recalls (in a humorous way) the time that he was at the zoo with his brother, and his brother fell into the gorilla/tiger/bear/monkey/hyena cage and died. What was this? Please help.

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Ok I can vaguely recall this sort of story line too but I have no idea where from I’m sorry! I’ll have a look around too, If I find anything I’ll let you know!

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I could not find it searching IMDB either.

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@shrubbery: Isn’t that so frustrating?? Like, everyone knows what I’m talking about, but no one can place it, and it drives everyone crazy.

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I don’t think that description is confined to only one story. For example, there’s at least one (maybe three or more) episode of The Mighty Boosh which has this theme (but then, it’s a zoo comedy and you’d probably remember it if that were it. I think there’s probably an episode of Chips and and episode of Shazam with this theme too, though my psychic defense mechanisms are protecting me from having clear memories of those.

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Mmmm Zaku, I may possibly have been thinking of the Mighty Boosh… but are they brothers?

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Er… well the main characters in The Mighty Boosh aren’t brothers, but one of them might’ve had a brother who had that story, and there is an episode where an old friend or brother or zoo founder or someone has long been thought dead but it turns out he’s been stuck in a hidden garden in the zoo with a surreal cheese creature…

Maybe you’re thinking of something more tame – sounds like something that might come up in The Bob Newhart Show, for example.

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Cheese is a kind of meat, a tasty yellow beef, i milk it from my teets but I try to be discreet, mmmmm cheese…

he he sorry couldn’t help it

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NO, I do actually know what you’re on about, and it definitely wasn’t in the mighty boosh, I remember this being in a film.
Probably something Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler has appeared in, that sounds familiar to me.

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@cage: OMG, YOU’RE RIGHT! THANK YOU! This has been bothering me and a few other people for months! We all knew it, but couldn’t place it. Thank you so much!

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