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I'm looking for recommendations for a good internet using cell phone type device, blackberry or what have you. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Asked by Captain_Tetanus (205points) June 15th, 2008

I travel a lot and I need to see weather radar, check e-mail, search for answers, etc. . . while I travel. My current cell phone can hook up to the internet but it’s terribly slow and difficult to navigate. I want something that has a keyboard, brings up websites like I see them on computer. What should I get?

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iphone 3G, i could add a big description to it, but yeah, that’s what you’ll want

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I am going to assume you live in the United States. If AT&T has decent coverage in your area I would also suggest the 3G iPhone. You should be able to buy it on the 11th of July. That is when they will be available to purchase.

And your profile is hilarious. Or I am easily amused.

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And if you’re not in a hurry, you can go for a Neo Freerunner which has all you want and should arrive shortly. Once you get it, software updates will only make it better :)

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iPhone 3g. It does everything you listed easily and quickly.

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@squirbel it doesn’t have a “keyboard”, more or less a “touchboard”, but either way, i can’t stand typing anything on an iphone, it doesn’t always register my touch, it will press mutiple buttons, its a mess, and if Captain_Tetanus is going to be travling and what not, looking down at the iphone screen in the day with the sun is hard, then trying to see the letters?

@Captain_Tetanus If you want a nice phone to do all of that, and get alot more, get a PocketPC phone, they should all come with WindowsMobile6 and it’s a breeze to work with. I have the HTC Wing from t-mobile. It has a nice sliding keyboard that is extremely easy to type with, touchscreen, ect. At first the phone was cool, alil slow but i expected that from WM6, but after i re-flashed the ROM and overclocked the CPU from 201 to 289, it became a new and even better phone. But i do suggest if you do happen to get a PocketPC phone, i would choose Sprint or AT&T, they have a larger selection you can choose from, and unlike t-mobile they don’t downclock the CPU so much, and load it with stupid crap you will never use. He’s a video review of the HTC Wing.

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I was looking for something similar to that description, Someone recommended to me ‘Palmstore’. There is a whole load of phones on there matching what you are after.

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I have a palm Centro and HATE IT!!! I am now on phone #3 as features drop out unpredictably. It hangs up in the middle of calls, it is just about worthless without a bluetooth earpiece . . . arggg.

A friend just got the Palm Pre and, one week along, she seems happy with it.

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