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How much money do you think you'll spend on the new App Store?

Asked by 2late2be (2292points) June 15th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m thinking about $100 depending on the apps and games..

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<$50 because most will be free, and I don’t have much spare cash.

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None.. I haven’t seen anything that is that compelling yet. A good eBook reader is the only thing I want and I am sure a free one will come along.

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i do think most of it will be free, so i’m not expecting to spend a lot…

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I remember reading that they think 71% of the apps will be free.

edit :: Link

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I want the ebook reader as well! Anyhow, I might as well just get a kindle for that :o
I’ll prolly get a couple of games too, because there are times when It’d be nice to have stuff to take on the fly.
I hope we can listen to our own music over games, and ebooks and such…

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not to much I guess, jailbroken, don’t really think the app store will be all that. kinda still upset with the price drop. 16 gig owner.

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I think I’m with you 2late2be. 75 to 100 should cover me nicely.

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it certainly will depend on the pricerange of the apps I’m interested in.

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After seeing the statistic that jp posted, Ill probably spend $25-ish ($10 for the software upgrade)

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But surely the survey that was posted on AppleInsider can’t be relied on too much. I mean the guy spoke to 20 developers. That can’t be a valid pool to make a reliable result from. Can it?

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Apple did say that the average price will be $2.33.

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I’m setting aside 20USD a month into my itunes account. So what if it means only 2 apps a month – I’ll be plenty happy.

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A jailbroken iPod Touch is good enough for me. I’m not buying into this rubbish.

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I don’t get it? Is there going to be games that you can buy for iPod touch ?

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@jstringham21 – exactly how is it rubbish?

Example: I’m a Mac user, and I use a huge amount of freeware. I also have some apps that are freely available (wink wink) whilst not freeware. However, once in a while an app comes along that is not free, but awesome enough to justify the cost of, and I know that at least the money is going to the developer behind said awesome app to help them make more.

How can you write off the entire contents of an application distribution system that you haven’t even perused yet? You can’t predict that every app released is going to be ‘rubbish’, so if a killer app comes along for $10.00 are you still going to be standing there shaking your head?

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@iCeskate -

For the iPod touch, there will be a $9.95 software update you can buy, and once installed you can download games and applications (some free, some paid) for your iPod touch.

So in short, yes.

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then why did you buy an APPLE product in the first place????

I’m going to keep it on the cheap side, i’m going to upgrade to 2.0, but I’ll constantly be on the search for the free programs, which heck if at WWDC the vote taken that was saying that nearly 3/4ths of the devs there were making free program sounds like i won’t have a problem.

11 more days!!!

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@XCNuse – then why did you buy an APPLE product in the first place????

I don’t see why that’s relevant really – it’s comparable to buying a regular iPod and not purchasing music or games from the iTunes store, because you have other means of getting them that doesn’t cost you anything.

You’re buying the product for its features, not services (that incidentally weren’t in existence or even announced when jStringham bought his iPod Touch).

What I was pointing out is he shouldn’t slate the service without having seen the content on offer, at this stage is like trying to diss the quality of the inbuilt GPS without having used it!

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@XCNurse + benseven

Believe me, I’ve spent over $2500 on Apple products in my life. (MacBook, iPod Touch, iPod Video, etc.) But I just don’t see the point in paying $10 PER game/app, when I get very similar and extremely fun games/apps on my jailbroken iPod.

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The average price will be ~$2.33 and most will be free. Very few apps are $10.

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Have fun with your crappy $2.33 applications. “Wow, an eBay application! I need to buy it even though I can just go to, which serves the same function.” Have fun being scammed by Apple. I’ll be living it up for free.

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Did you ask this question to spew?

Poll questions, or un-authentic questions [ones where you have a staunch view] are not welcome on Fluther.

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I retract the comment about you being the original poster.

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$10 for the apps store on iPod touch. 13 for game. The rest should be free.

About $25

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