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For GWB Haters: What do you believe President Bush has done correctly?

Asked by PopeJohnPaulJr (46points) June 15th, 2008
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He has provided hours of comic relief to people around the world.

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He has taken the most vacation days of any sitting president. He can’t fuck anything up while he is gardening on the “Ranch.”

edit :: gardening should be “clearing brush.” It sounds more manly.

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He gives off carbon dioxide, which plants need to live.

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He has awoken many people to want to be pro-active in solving our nation’s and world’s problems. Many have realized the government ain’t doing nothing to help. Katrina is one example.

Personally, my own father was never politically active until GWB took office. Now his main passion in life is creating a better world.

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He has shown the world how devastating preemptive wars, uncontrolled markets, and poor global policies can affect more than one nation.

Surely we will learn from his example.

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I think he approved relief funding to some Asian countries after the big tsunami hit in 2004(?). Everyone else did too, though…

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Pissed off plenty of Americans.

Made a complete ass of himself.

Made his father’s presidency seem like that of Abraham Lincoln’s.

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He pushed the return to standard time from daylight savings back a week in the fall… now Trick-or-Treating is a little safer for the kids.

(he could have left the “spring ahead” where it was, though)

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I’m as big of a Bush-hater as the next, so this question is a real struggle. There is no doubt that he is the worst president in memory.

But, the only thing I can think of is that he has pushed for more money for AIDS research and treatment in Africa.

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He forced up the price or oil so now we all need to swich to other power systems.

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He didn’t manage to lock himself inside Dick Cheney’s man-sized safe. That is impressive.

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He was born GWB and not BO. Think about it.

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Honestly, I really can’t think of anything he hasn’t screwed up.

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I am looking forward to my stimulus check…

He helped make a star of Stephen Colbert. He also cuts one heck of a figure in a flight suit on the deck of an aircraft carrier spewing crap about major combat operations in Iraq. Oh wait, he looked like a boob then didn’t he?

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And he managed, eventually, to stop drinking.

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He more or less single-handedly guaranteed that a Democrat will be the next president. Now, it’s a shame we had to endure eight years of him to get that.

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He has never drop an atomic bomb on anyone…. Yet…

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He has correctly lied us into an illegal and unneeded war, correctly devistated our currencey with his monitary policy, and GWB has done a great job exploding the federal deficit for generations to come. GWB is a very good campaigner, good at getting elected.

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The fleecing of America…

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The question is…what hasn’t he done wrong????

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he as done a great job screwing the country?

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