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What is the best system &/or software for naming/numbering JPEG files & their folders of fine art photography?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) June 15th, 2008

With over 25,000 files (all JPEG), how do I proceed in renaming &/or numbering them (plus my new work) to make them easy to find? Currently I have most folders with general names like ‘Abstract 4.23.05’, “NYC 8.3.07”, etc., and the files within have also simple descriptive names (e.g. ‘sunset’, ‘Chinese landscape’, etc.)
Note: Right now I have Picassa & Adobe Elements and am considering purchasing either Aperture or Lightroom.

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I found this but still could use the collectives further input.

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Aperture is amazing. See if Apple has its Aperture tour coming around NYC or a class at one of its stores. I can’t recommend it more for a pro photographer.

One word: keywords.

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Well if you use Picassa and have a Windows machine, Aperture is off limits to you being a Mac only app.

Lightroom runs on Windows and is a great app though and before Aperture 2 and the better RAW support, I almost made the jump to it. Also it has some advanced editing features that will make it where you won’t go in to another app unless the picture really needs some heavy editing.

If you do have a Mac as well, check out A Better Finder Rename to quickly rename all your photos and number them, if that’s all you want to do right now.

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Lightroom is your best bet. It has great keywording capabilities and folder organization. I personally find it to run better and be more user friendly than Aperture.

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I add another vote for Lightroom. Amazing piece of software!
I can also recommend using some Windows shell enhancements for browsing folders and copying/pasting that will seriously affect your speed in browsing/naming folder and files. They are called “Direct Folders” and “ClipX”. Maybe you also can find help in using the lifehacker app called “Texter” which can store text strings that are callable by keyboard combos or text strings of your choice. These apps are SUPER useful, I don’t know how to live without them!

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Another tip that I forgot… I am always using Downloader Pro from BreezeSys to download all images from my memory cards onto the computer. It has great features for backup to external drive and naming structures and EXIF/IPTC metadata. It can also take photos from existing folder already on the hard drive and move/rename them into another folder. It is a great program, well worth its 29.99 dollars…

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