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Does the United States readily accept Degree qualifications from other countries?

Asked by Eggie (5620points) May 26th, 2013

I am particularly referring to third world countries like West Indian Islands, India, Thailand and so on. Also, do you know of any successful people that obtained their success by having a degree or masters degree from a third world country?

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A lot of people in the U.S. on H1-B visas from India come with engineering degrees.
... too many of them frankly. Often big companies push for more H1-B visas only because they can pay the foreign workers a LOT less than the typical U.S. counterpart.

At least those folks have made the huge effort to get themselves to the U.S. and live here.
I much more resent jobs that have been offshored over-the-wire to remote offices all over the world. There should be some tariffs on that kind of arrangement.

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The very quick answer: it depends.

It depends on who is doing the hiring, the amount of skill required to do the job, the education needed to do the job, the employers policy on hiring non-citizens, and probably 20 other factors.

There is not one rule for all employers. For instance, if you have an MD degree and you want to do heart surgery, there will be significant need for you to speak English as well as speak ‘medicine’.

If you are answering customer service calls at a bank, there is a much lesser need for verification of your degree and your schooling.

More details from you will bring a better answer from us.

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It depends on the degree. I know many doctors that originally got their degree in other countries and then came to the US. They had some things to do here to get caught up on our aspects of medicine, but they didn’t have to complete a whole new degree.

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As others said, it depends. Some degrees you will be required to take some additional classes and testing in America. Some degrees are accepted with no problem. The strictest are usually medical, dental, that sort of thing, where you are responsible for someone else’s health and well being.

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Any degree from any country (even non-Third World) does not guarantee you options in the US. I know of Oxford and Cambridge graduates that still had to struggle to get their qualifications recognised in the US simply because it is an entirely different system of learning and testing. It is based on tutorials, self-directed study…no multiple choice questions and no hand-holding.

You will have to pay for an official national board to convert your degree into a US equivalent. They decide
whether you meet the standards. I am guessing this would apply to any profession that has national boards (like medical fields, etc).

I am guessing, however, if you are applying for a smaller company or a company that needs
what you have to offer, they may look at your past experience and go by that. However,
I would not count on it.

Please do your research and find out from your school/university who to contact in the USA
for conversion of your transcript or for information. They should have that on hand.

Best of luck!

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