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Does an Apple Care plan cover cleaning my computer?

Asked by monsoon (2505points) June 16th, 2008

To specify, I spilled some completely melted ice cream on my BRAND NEW MacBook. It didn’t get in anything, and I cleaned it up alright, but there’s some gunk lodged in these little slots under where the screen swivels open and closed that I can’t get to.

I know I can’t remove the screen myself (besides the fact that it’s probably physically impossible for me, it would void my warrenty), so I was wondering if my Apple Care plan would cover sending it in to have it cleaned.

I don’t want to call and it not be covered, and then have them know that I spilled some crap on my computer.

Thanks everybody, stay awesome.

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good question, but for all i know, apple care only covers hardware failure caused by the product apple computers supplied, i could verify it for you, but as far as i know, no it doesn’t

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Yeah – I wouldn’t let apple know. Just try and get a bit creative about how to clean it out. If it’s Ice cream, maybe it would ease out if you left it in a heated cupboard, or just get some very tiny cleaning equipment!

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Okay, well does any mac person know if the slots under the screen swivel part—thing—are delicate? Will I hurt anything if I go to town on them with a q-tip?

It’s hard to see in there, so I cant tell if in the slots is hard plastic, of it they’re some kind of ventilation.

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just take it apart, if you put it back together the way it came you’re ok

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let a dog lick it…they love ice cream.

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Wow-some pretty scary suggestions above. You should take it to an authorized Apple dealer/service center and have them clean it and service it. There they can properly prepare the surfaces and handle with the proper tools. You may be charged for the cleaning but it’s better than trying to do it yourself and risking further damage. Also cleaning delicate, non-user serviceable parts of the MacBook may void the warranty coverage. Just an FYI.

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This service will not be covered by warranty or APP. I would take sndfreQ’s advice and have it serviced properly – don’t try any DIY solutions. It’s a new machine and it’d be a shame to mess it up any more. If you get it fixed by an authorized repairer, you can still have good use of it for some time to come.

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That’s what I’m thinking. So I can take it to an apple store and they can clean it properly for me? Any Idea how much that would cost?

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more than the ice cream did I’m afraid.

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Yeah, it wasn’t even my ice cream :)

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If it’s just cleaning, you’ll probably be charged for the technicians time – whatever the going rate may be.
If it turns out any parts of the machine are damaged, they may want to replace it and you would be charged for that too (depending on the part in question, it could get expensive)

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Apple do not provide a Mac cleaning service at their Apple Retail Stores, and AppleCare only covers hardware defects (it is an extended warranty and support plan, not an insurance plan). Your best options are:

1) Cclean it with cotton wool buds, gentle alcohol, a cloth and tooth picks
2) Pay an Apple-Authorised Dealer who offers a cleaning service to clean it

Good luck.

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