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In the locker room, at what point do you put your clothing on?

Asked by robmandu (21321points) June 16th, 2008

At the local Y, guy walks out of the shower naked. Ok. Another bloke over by a mirror is blow drying his hair… naked. Umm. Third fella over by the sink is brushing his teeth naked (lotsa lateral motion there). Blech.

That’s alright. Minding my own business. Now a dude walks over to the locker near mine, naked, and proceeds to (finally) get dressed. Except, he starts by turning his bum my way, and puts his shoes on first!

Towels are freely available and abundant.

So, what I’m wondering is: what would you do? Join the naked? Escape the naked? Confront the naked? ____________ the naked?

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What’s wrong with naked?

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When in Rome…...or in this case: When at the Y!
Those guys obviously aren’t bothered by nudity, so take the opportunity to prance around in your birthday suit!

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Yeah, that’s wrong. Seriously wrong. And what kind of guy blow dries his hair?

I’d just keep my head down and hope for the best. Maybe ogle some chick on the way out just to recalibrate my visual palate.

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Just wanna add: I have the opposite situation. The pool I usually go to doesn’t have men/women’s changing rooms, so it’s just a giant room with lots of stalls – I hate it! I don’t like to have to shower and jump straight in to my clothes after a work out, it’s like you don’t get to dry properly first.
Given the chance, I’d probably put on undies after drying off from the shower/sauna, but leave the rest until I’m packed up.

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Women are much more discreet in locker rooms! We don’t necessarily care for being naked in front of other women. I think we don’t like the potential to be judged. Sure, there are women who brush their hair topless, but for the most part we cover up. Another reason why women are great!

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Not to be ageist, but in my gym in downtown Dallas, I found that men over 65 wait until the last possible minute to put on clothing. I’m not sure if you just stop caring about being discrete once you reach a certain age, or if it’s a generational difference in attitude toward nudity.

At the same gym, we had a guy that would hang out for 3+ hours a day in the locker room, naked. He would never actually work out, but just hang out in the locker room, lean on walls, watch TV and strike up conversations about prison movies. All while naked.

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There is a select male demographic that enjoy viewing the schnitzel.
Most don’t.
Humans wear clothing for several very, very, very good reasons.
Please keep the mouse in the house.

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@kevbo—looking down would probably not help the problem!

some people are just more comfortable naked and seeing naked people than other people are. i don’t happen to be one of those people…at least when it comes to dudes.

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I’m really uncomfortable with big changing rooms like that, I prefer the cubicles, but I’m rather self concious as it is anyway with clothes on hah. Also @kevbo I blow dry my hair at home, but eh, my hair’s thick and shoulder length. Else where I just use a towel and hope for the best.

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Uh-Oh, this question is giving Google adsense a few too many dirty keywords… Also, when in the change rooms anywhere I do a Mr. Bean manoeuver.

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People have gotten so uncomfortable with the naked body. There is nothing wrong with being naked, and being comfortable being naked. It shouldn’t matter especially when you are with your fellow sex, something you are familiar with. So why not join the naked? Get comfortable in your own skin again. We started off naked so whats the harm?

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@Trance24: Wang dang doodle de dang da dang doodle.

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@ bluemukaki – Confusion

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I love being naked

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