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For the Ladies: Bra or no bra?

Asked by babygalll (2753points) June 16th, 2008

Do you go to bed with or without your bra? Is it all about comfort when you don’t? If you do why? I have heard it’s not good to sleep with one. Then I’ve heard it’s better to sleep with one. What’s the deal?

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No bra to bed (completely comfort) but HAVE to wear one if I am going out of the house (kids and breastfeeding will do that to you!). Not sure if it’s better to sleep in one or not. I’ll be curious to know the answer. I cannot imagine wearing one with underwire to bed every night.

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I don’t wear a bra to bed. My boobs are small enough that I don’t really have to wear a bra ever, but I do in shirts that my nipples would otherwise show.

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I can see how you might wear a bra to bed – but not to sleep, that’s just silly!

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I sleep braless. Always have, always will.

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yeah, sleeping with a bra is incredibly uncomfortable.but for every other time it’s a necessity.

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I have a sports bra (softer and unstructured) that I wear to bed. I am, um, generously endowed and I am more comfortable with a bit of support.

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the ad on the right>>>> for this question is advertising invisible bras. thought you would want to know.

as for me, i have slept w/ and without bra. it just depends on how lazy i feel. i don’t think sleeping with a bra is uncomfortable at all, but its probably just because i am used to both.

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Without, I am fairly large and can not imagine sleeping with one on that has underwire. I have to have one when I go out. It would be totally uncomfortable to sleep with it on.

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i have heard that you should sleep with a bra (soft or sport) to prevent/slow down the inevitable effects of time/gravity. although, i have never been clear on how bras would help esp. in a prone position. and i have almost always heard this from boys. though several EXs claim to have SOs that have previously practiced this.

that being said, i’m not crazy about bras during the day. i’m definitely not wearing one to sleep.

not to threadjack but…do you have a favorite bra brand?

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The only times I have slept with a bra have been when I have experienced extreme tenderness, and wearing one alleviated the pain. 99.9% of the time though it’s no bra in bed.

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@surlygirl; we are always on the futile search for perfect bra. I would love some new ideas.

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No bra to bed for me. Oh. For the ladies. Missed that part.

that’s kinda embarrassing

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And as far as the ad——> goes; the fine print says that if you open the package, you may not return it. Who asked about good customer service? This is an example of how to turn away business.

@Banjo; why aren’t you practicing your scales? Remember the calluses and keep them….

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too busy looking at myself in the mirror with my new invisible bra.

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I’m with PnL on this one. I usually don’t sleep with a bra on, but sometimes I pass out before I take it off. Also, when I’m staying at someone else’s house it usually stays on (unless I partake in activities where it just happens to come off).

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Mine comes off the second I get in the house unless we have company! So it is definitely not on when I’m in bed unless it is a “naughty” bra for play, in which case it never stays on anyway.

I have never found a single brand that I am totally happy with so I tend to switch around. I’d love good suggestions though.

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So the trick is to get invited to Marina’s house without her knowledge and show up early!

Ps how I have to check and see how this got sent to me?

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Marina: You’ve never found a brand of bras you like? I love Victoria’s Secret bras. They’re so comfortable, and pretty cute too.

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@Allie; but those wires!

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shh! it’s a secret!

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gail: I guess I don’t mind the wires. I usually don’t feel them anyways. (And the bras are so pretty. =])

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No bras to bed, and otherwise used sparingly – I’ve got a small scar now from tight underwires…

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No bras ever to sleep! I hate underwires. I rarely wear a bras when I am at home, and there are no visitors either. If someone shows up I have to run into my bedroom and put one on.when they leave it is off again. I have tried many brands and found none comfy enough I have been measured by Many and tried many. My husband calls me “the braless wonder” like on Seinfeld!

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I’m very well endowed & it is more comfortable for me to wear a bra to bed. Most of the time braless is uncomfortable for me because of the weight of my breasts. I’m also extremely paranoid about the twins getting saggy so I wear a bra almost all the time. I keep saying I’m going to get a reduction but everybody (even my girlfriends) say I shouldn’t because they’re pretty close to perfect. But I hate feeling like a walking freak show. So, we’ll see.

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@Allie OK, I will try one Victoria’s Secret bra (although I am with gailcalled and others re underwires). I once had one (underwire) pop out on a date. I am also well endowed. Is there one model you particularly like?

@Bri_L Are you wondering what interest or hobby of yours made the Fluther gods send you this question? I am chuckling. :)

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@Marina:Trust me. There are the gullible among us who have tried the Victoria’s Secret bra and paid dearly – not just the cash but the special areas where the wires poke into the delicate flesh. (You know what I mean.)

Susanc should be chiming in. She too was in on the quest for the perfect bra – lift, support, comfort…it turned out to be like the better mousetrap – waiting to be invented.

I have a good friend who is going in for breast reduction on July 31 – due to back aches, sore shoulders and neck, and not vanity. Now she is eating well, losing some weight and exercising every day in order to put her best boobs foot forward.

I’ll report back.

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Marina: I like this one, this one, this one, and this one is the most comfortable ever (here’s a wireless version that’s similar). Here’s another wireless one.

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I have always been told not to sleep with it on. Because you need to let them “breath” as my mom used to tell me. Like think about it they are all cramped up all day long, don’t you think they need to “stretch out” in terms of stress relief. On account of a bra does give your breasts a lot of stress. So I think it is healthier to sleep without one on. If you want to know on a professional level just ask your doctor.

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who would have thought that we would one day live in a world where even bras have become wireless. Technology is everywhere! 802.11boob.

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No bra its more comfortable while sleeping

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@Banjo; hilarious remark, but sadly historically inaccurate. My generation grew up with Maidenform cotton. All bras were Wifi then. The wire arrived in – when- the seventies? -invented by a man, of course.

What can’t you find with Google. “Memorable bra history was made when Gossard launched its Wonderbra campaign in 1968. The byline went something like this – ‘makes 34 look 36, makes 36 look pow…’. It was and is still true. Initially 36C was the top size of this revolutionary under wired bra that was a must for V neck dresses of the late sixties. ”

Off topic- most machines used for mammograms have sharp corners that dig deep into one’s armpits. All the engineer had to do was shave off the corners to make them curved.

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No bra in bed. I sometimes passed out and didn’t take them off so I woke up in the middle of the night with a feeling of suffocation. But I wear it every day.

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I actually learned in a baby-prep class that it is best to sleep with some type of support (if you are well-endowed) to avoid the inevitable sagging that will be increased by sleeping without any support. It is weird though, no one here has heard this?! I sleep with a really loose supportive sleep sports bra on occassionally, otherwise, nighties are what I wear. No regular bras ever though. That is painful to think about.

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@ tha1mom Here’s the word from Susan Gilbert, the owner of a bra company:

“Some people ask about wearing a bra when you sleep to prevent sagging. There are opposing views on this theory. Some believe that the bra industry invented this ideas to sell more bras. Several models wear bras in the sleep. They believe it will help preserve shape and perkiness. Most scientists believe it makes no difference whether you wear a bra to bed or not in regards to sagging. When you sleep, you are not moving very much and there is less gravitational pull. Many say to go braless when you sleep to allow for circulation and easy breathing. If you decide to wear a bra when you sleep, at least wear a soft cup bra.”

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Thanks! I have always wondered when I am gearing up for bed (lol) if it is really neccessary . This is helpful, although, I could have probably googled it haha.

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quite awhile back there was an article circulating about a study showing a link between wearing a bra for a lengthy amount of time (all day plus to sleep) and breast cancer. i think they were claiming something about the underwires and your glands…can’t quite remember all the details. although if you look hard enough, you can find a study linking just about anything to cancer…

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Like that1mom I sleep in a loose sports bra. I didn’t do that before my pregnancy though but I’ve found that it helps with the soreness from the changes they’re going through.

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i hate sleeping in bras, it’s really irritating even if the bra is comfortable in general. it doesn’t help or hurt to wear one to sleep though, as an answer to the saggage (sagging? sagger?) issue. not that i’m aware of anyway, i can’t find any supporting (no pun intended) evidence that sounds legit.

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no bra to bed, way too uncomfortable. It’s like sleeping in your jeans. Also, when I was a kid a female friend of mine convinced me that not wearing a bra to bed would give me breast cancer.

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@Allie ; I like your comment where your staying over and you wear your Bra Unless it just Happens to come off!

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Heh, thanks. Things happen.

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Totally! And the “Girls” come out and play…Gives dessert a new meaning!

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