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Do you know that today is Bloomsday? Want to celebrate?

Asked by gailcalled (54563points) June 16th, 2008

June 16, 1904 was the day described, from crack of dawn to beddie-bye by James Joyce in ULYSESSES, starring the unlikely triumvirate of Leopold and Mollie Bloom and Stephen Dedaelus. Celebrate w. a marathon read-a-thon and a party. Dubliners take particular note.

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so we should read and drink all day? Sounds good to me!

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Yes, Irish stout is the drink of choice.

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I am all over this holiday! Whoo Hooo!

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Thanks for the reminder.

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sounds good. what is everyone reading today?

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Everyone should only read Ulysses (Joyce’s).

Or, if you cannot face the entire book, read the last chapter: Mollie Bloom’s soliloquy

This is very hard on the eyes; you’re better off w. the book. Joyce said that “yes” was a female word and the soliloquy both starts and ends w. “yes.”

“Molly’s soliloquy (or interior monologue) consists of eight enormous “sentences,” with only two marks of punctuation in the entire episode (periods after the fourth and eighth “sentences”). From Wikipedia.

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“Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” is tops.
I like it a lot.
Bring on the trollops and Bushmills!

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Stephen Daedalus is the protagonist in “Portrait;” in “Ulysses,” Joyce expands the character dramatically. The entire novel is filled with virtuoso and pyrotechnic writing. When I first read it, I kept Latin, Greek,, German and Italian dictionaries at hand. My French and Spanish was serviceable enough.

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Im Irish I have never herd of this.

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Holy Cat Butter! I’m gonna need a six pack to get to the point where I can pretend that I read the soliloquy.

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@Melon; ask your English teacher. What grade are you in and do you live in Dublin?

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mmmm. Joyce. I’ve been working on finnigans wake for a few years now. I have Ulysses on my bedside table.

An excellent author.

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Here is the ebook I am downloading… then off to get the Irish Stout!


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Delirium: Good luck with Finnegan’s. Even my smartest friends from college gave it up in their book group. Joyce was running on fumes then; self-exiled,half-blind, starving (constantly borrowing money from his brother Stanislaus) and drinking too much. His daughter, Lucia, was allegedly a schizophreniac. His wife, a former chambermaid and not much of an intellectual, was sexually fun, tho. Read Joyce’s letters to her…quite pornographic and enlightened for that prudish era. Joyce’s Letters to Nora Barnacle

@Dog; ibook will make you cross-eyed. Just get drunk today and take book out of library…a good compromise.

@Rob: Same advice. Read real text (it is one of the most famous eight sentences in English literature. Then you can announce to all your literary friends that you read it.) Or have the love-of-your-
life read it outloud.

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