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Can someone help me find the gif online that has an unusual breed of cat that comes up to a young girl sitting and gets her attention by tapping her right arm a few times?

Asked by woodcutter (16342points) May 28th, 2013

The girl then looks down and gives the cat the attention it looked like he was after. And what kind of cat is this? Very flat ears and large eyes.

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The cat could be a Scottish Fold. Sorry, that’s all I got.

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Is it from this video?

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Yep that is the one. Thanks you’re good.:)

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Oh man that little puss really knows how to work a room!

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies I know, right. I couldn’t believe a cat could be so humanly persistent. And the face…that face.

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My cat does that all the time – usually on my face at 6AM. She thinks that’s the appropriate time to wake me up for attention.

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Adorable! @Mama_Cakes You’ve got skills.

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What a great video! My cat has always done that too, on my chest. He knows it’s impossible for me to ignore him.

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The cat looks like a tiger cat, which is not that unusual.

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@dxs Look at his ears again.

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@Mama_Cakes I see. Usually when my cat calls me like that, his ears are back like that, so that is what I was thinking. Maybe it’s a genetic mutation or something. Its fur really looks like a tiger cat, but it could be different. I’m not expert.

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OMG, what an adorable “Psst, pet me!” kitty! My male cat demands my attention by head butting me, sometimes incredibly hard. Once I start petting him, he rolls onto his back like a dog, which is his subtle way of demanding, “Rub ma belleh!”

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Scottish Folds are so freaking cute.

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My cat isn’t nearly so subtle. He jumps up on the back of my chair and RIPS into the cloth right behind my head until I knock him off. Don’t get why he seems to enjoy being airborne so much, but apparently he does!

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