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When will movie studio's get the hint?

Asked by flip86 (6213points) May 30th, 2013

Why are they so thick headed when it comes to streaming? They should license their content to ALL streaming services. They could still rake in billions as well as sell physical media to a niche crowd who don’t have internet access or prefer physical media .

I’m sick of the fragmentation of content due to “exclusive content deals” that the streaming companies make with movie studios.

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Studios are uncertain with progressing technologies. When video tapes first came out, some studios wouldn’t do it, others allowed their movies only be rented, while others allowed their movies to only be sold.
They will see what works, and embrace it. Be patient.

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What @filmfann said plus… you can’t begin to imagine the political divisions at play within and between studios and other entities. Makes Congress look like kindergarden.

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I feel your pain, @flip86. The original idea of a copyright was to protect a creative person’s work so they could make enough on it to encourage additional creative output. Our corporatocracy and lobbying money has transmogrified that into something where most copyrights end up it the hands of giant multinational media conglomerates with all the creativity of a maggot. Copyrights are bought and sold like commodities. When, as they have done, copyrights begin to inhibit creative output, it’s time to review the rules of the road, because it now going exactly where it was originally intended to take us away from.

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@ETpro Good point. It still blows my mind the idea that Marvel can’t make a Spiderman/Xmen movie because Sony/Fox own the rights.

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Studios should release in theaters exclusively for one month.

That satisfies all the “must see in theater!” viewers.

Then, it should be available legally to view streaming via netflix or amazon or hulu or whatever. Brand new releases aren’t shown in all venues in all towns. I’ve driven 2 hours to see a new film that didn’t show in my city. I’d pay double my Netflix or Amazon subscription to have access to newer movies that will never show in my small city theaters.

As it stands, I’ll pirate the film because fuck them for not bringing it where I can watch it. I’m forced into crime.

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you hear that?! @Blueroses never chose this life of crime!

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