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What are your feelings on Metallica?

Asked by flip86 (6208points) May 31st, 2013

Do you consider them sellouts and dislike everything they’ve done after the Black album?

Honestly, I think Load is a much more solid album than the Black album, but it always gets the most hate. Load also stands the test of time whereas the Black album gets old pretty quick.

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Everything after …and Justice for All is a waste of time.

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I am not a huge fan of their music (it all sounds the same to me) and I really hate the big stink they made about royalties. Lars came across as a greedy jerk. Totally not getting into a debate about paying musicians royalties, just sharing my opinion.

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Like the band a LOT.

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More like Meh-tallica IMO

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They have enough good songs to make one album, and half of them were from the black album. The rest, meh.

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First 4 albums are decent, but there are better thrash metal bands (e.g. Slayer, Kreator, Demolition Hammer, etc etc).

Kill em All 8.0/10
Ride the Lightning 8.5/10
Master of Puppets 6.0/10
...And Justice for all 7.8/10 (9/10 if they kept the bass)

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Um, kind of a pretentious name for some unskilled people who make a lot of noise. In other words, a waste of vinyl, plastic, electrons, and air time.

What I am trying to say is, I am not a fan.

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Complete & utter crap.

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I fucking hate Metallica.

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Metalica sucks the sweat off a dead mans balls.

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I think they are sellouts to an extent, however I have absolutely no problem with that. I would be just as willing if not more to turn a profit.

I mostly “dislike” most of the stuff after the black album, in that I find it a bit bland. They still put out good stuff after the black album, great guitar riffs and all that, but their songs became a bit mild. They got, for want of a better word, happier in their style.

As for things like Lars nodding his head in approval at Avril Lavigne covering their music, well they should just be slapped. However, they still are Metallica, and they still did put out all that great stuff.

Music is music, and everything else is noise, including any debate over the artists life style, ways of profiting, or changes of opinion or style. Like with Michael Jackson, you can debate all day long about what he did and what a freak he was, but facts are facts, he still put out great music.

You can say what you like about Metallica, but when all is said and done, they still put out One, a song that personally I consider a masterpiece, that I would rank right up there with Bohemian Rhapsody, Caramina Burana O Fortuna, Imagine, Hurt, or any other great song.

Given the choice, I much prefer AC/DC, but if I am forced to choose between Metallica, or any of the crap at the moment, like Rhiana, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, or any of the other main names floating about. It’s an easy choice.

As for this shit…Well, lets just say I challenge any of you to listen to it and come back and say Metallica did not make good sounding music.

None the less, their time has long passed.

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@poisonedantidote Providing a link to crappier music doesn’t prove the point that Metallica made good music but rather less shitty music than Nicki Minaj.

I’ll take Megadeth over Metallica any day.

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I loved them as a teen, and I still love the old stuff. (yes, the eternal Metallica fan debates…old Metallica VS new Metallica) I’ve long lost interest though, didn’t get their last two albums, or even listened to them completely.
Justice for All or Ride the Lightning are always good albums to pop on during boring, rainy Sunday afternoons though.

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I think Spinal Tap summed that shit up best.

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@uberbatman Under any definition of music, Metallica where/are skilled at creating music, it can’t be argued other than from personal taste. Some of the very modern stuff, would hardly qualify under most traditional explanations of what music is.

I don’t mind if you don’t like them, they are not family or anything, hell, I hope their balls fall of and they die, I don’t care at all, but they did make good music, and yes technically so does Nickelback by my logic, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay.

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@poisonedantidote I get what you’re saying but that’s also where I disagree with you. I think one can be a talented musician but still make bad music.

“and yes technically so does Nickelback by my logic” made me cringe :P

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@poisonedantidote Challenge met. I watched your video, and I still say Metalica sucks.

You should have tried this video if you really wanted to test me.

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@filmfann better yet from the same band.

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Metallica is white noise to my ears. Basically, this means that I don’t like how it sounds.

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My favorite album is Death Magnetic. I love this shite!

My husband and I used to have band nights in our basement. I played awesome guitar on my epiphone triggerman 60dsp amp with my Slammer by Hamer with my husband playing drums on his Roland kit.

The roland kit reminds me of Neil Peart.

My husband was an awesome drummer and won the worlds with his drum core. We could of went a lot farther than a basement band. But after he passed away I sold it all. Death took the music we made together away. I have an amazing memorial tattoo planned, it will include one or both of my husbands favorite drumsticks which I still have from his drumming instructor who taught him everything he knew and was one of the top highly sought after instructors in our area, my husband was his #1 student in the 80s.

I think that is why I like Death Magnetic, a cd we used to listen to together & the fact that every lyric in every song is like my life or brings back memories. And the drum beats and guitar riffs just give me goose bumps, I miss playing that, I shouldn’t of sold it..bad decision. :/

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Wow I didn’t realize there was so much hatred for Metallica. :(
I personally LOVE Metallica, and most recently I’m loving their cover of “Whiskey In a Jar”.

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@NostalgicChills Ha yeah I like that song too. Plus it made me discover Irish rebel music. :D

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I loved them when I was younger, lost interest for a few years but after I purchased Death Magnetic to see if I still got a feel for them I realized “Nothing else matters” because even they have to change to fit in with the ever changing demands of the music world. I suppose it’s the case of adapt or die.

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I would choose Pantera over Metallica any day of the week.

But as far as rock music goes, Tool will always be my favorite. I ♥ Tool, Maynard is consistent with his talent and he doesn’t seem like a total douchebag.

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Even worse than this

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There is no hatred, just plain old simple facts.

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Freezing! Can’t move at all!
Screaming! Can’t hear my call!
I, am dying to live, cry out!
I’m trapped under ice!

Like any band, they had their great run, but now they’re over, and I will continue to appreciate the good music they made.

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A local radio station has mandatory Metallica every night at 10pm, and everytime it comes on I want to take my stereo to a field and beat the shit out of with a baseball bat.

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@cheebdragon Dude, where do you live? When I lived in Manitoba, the rock station had ’‘Mandatory Metallica’’, which played around 10 or 11, every week day. Might still be active, but I don’t live there anymore.

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Metallica used to be my favorite band growing up. I fell off the wagon after the load album. A lot of people say they are “sell-outs,” and think that’s a little hypocritical to say in the world we live in (Its as if people think starving artists should remain starving after they make it to the top). IMO Metallica just grew up and realized they wanted a “career” in the music industry.

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I don’t think anyone wants artists to be starving, that’s not why people think they are sell outs, it’s because even after they made over 200 million each they still felt the need to bitch about people downloading their music for free, it’s that kind of greed that people find very off putting.

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Yeah. I’m actually surprised that Metallica allowed the franchise Guitar Hero to use their songs without demanding ownership rights to three quarters of the video games. :/ I realize the term sellout gets thrown around a lot, but Metallica really are money grubbing bastards. still love most of their music though :D

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@Symbeline I live in Southern California, I think the station is either 96.7 or 103.9.

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