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If you've graduated high school, do you keep in contact with your classmates?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) June 16th, 2008 from iPhone

I don’t talk to anyone I went to high school with.

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I still talk to several of my best friends from high school. I don’t keep in touch with acquaintances.

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Basically what Allie said. I talk to the close friends, not to my whole graduating class of 292. Sites like Facebook and technology in general are making keeping in touch a lot easier though. So i still have a general clue of what’s going on with the people i am not close with without feeling the need to communicate.

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I’m thirty and I still live with some of them. But there is a core group of about fifteen that I keep in touch with. The rest I doubt I would even recognize on the street.

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Several of my best friends are from junior high & high school, we’re still in touch daily.

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Yup. I’m in a fantasy baseball league with one friend still and visit when I’m back in Chicago. Facebook has done wonders for my old high school connections. I have an ex from when I was 15, and now I know what she’s doing every day, whether I want to know or not!

I figure I’d see more people all the time if I still lived in Chicago. Most folks stayed in the area.

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I was in a graduating class of 1100 (that’s one class, not the entire school) and due to the obsession of but one classmate, there is at least one picnic and sometimes more reunion events every year. In my case, Its nice seeing those people every say 10 to 15 years, but I don’t stay close with any of them. I’ve known my closest friends since I was in high school. but we met via organizations to which we belonged, so had, and continue to have, shared interests.

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I really don’t. I have two really good friends from college, but I left the high school crowd…in high school. Most of them still live in the same place, and work for/with their relatives. Viva nepotism.
I say “hi” to them sometimes when I visit my parents, and sometimes they say “hi” back.

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I talk to basically two friends from high school and all other contact is facebook related.

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I keep in touch with one of them. He and i have been friends since we were 13. One of those once in a lifetime deals.

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I still have remained friends with my two best friends from high school. We don’t talk every day, but we have remained there for each other through the marriage, births of children, etc. We try to get together for girl’s nights every now and then and talk and email each other. We graduated in 1987, so I think it is great that we have been there for each other all of these years.

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I don’t talk to anyone from high school. I do keep in constant touch with many college friends though. :-)

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I talk to one friend from high school, and that is only because we found each other twenty years later on myspace.

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Not a single flippin’ one of ‘em. College friends, otoh, are forever.

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No, my two close friends and I met at my high school job. I was involved in sports and music but I had to work alot and never got into the “in” crowd. I’m glad because I feel no obligation to go to reunions or respond to them on myspace.

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Barely… Only one friend on a regular basis. I hated high school.

My husbend, however, still talks to and hangs out with almost all the people he knew in high school. Same with my brother.

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A most emphatic yes,
The best man at my wedding was in my Physics class in junior year and we have been friends ever since. His wife was in sophomore Spanish class with me. I had dinner last year with someone else but I can’t remember where I met her specifically in high school.

I correspond every two weeks or so with another classmate, but he goes back as far as junior high so maybe that does not count as much.

I graduated high school in 1967,, so this has gone on for a long time.


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Ehh, people change after high school. It it weird. My BEST friend from when we were babies until after high school totally changed on me, and even though I almost died and am ill with a brain tumor, and she knows it, she doesn’t care to keep in touch. I have another friend though, we have been close since 5th grade, and are still inseperable. Kids, college, jobs, and issues later, we are the best of friends.

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