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If you had a monster for a friend, how would you form it in your imagination?

Asked by PoiPoi (274points) June 16th, 2008

What would it look like? What is it’s personality like? Does it have any special abilities or powers? It’s gender? It’s personal fears? A place that it lives or comes from? And it’s name?

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It would be a big cat….. a big cat bus… like in Totoro. Then I could ride all over the world in my big cat bus and it would make me and it invisible. I would call it Koke, hmm I don’t mind what gender it is and it comes from Japan.

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It would be big and fuzzy (like a bear) and it would walk on two legs. It’s a boy monster, but he’d have green fur with pink spots. He’s afraid of electrical sockets and dust. He comes from Antarctica (where I’ve always waned to go) and likes to tell me stories about “back home.” Hmm.. his name is Declan Chesterfield III.

(I just BSed all of this by the way, but Declan sounds like fun.)

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He looks like Al Gore (only purple, and less goofy), and he lives in the medicine cabinet behind the floss. He suffers terribly from Pithikosophobia (fear of monkeys), so I have to watch which pajamas I wear. He is a Sudoku whiz, but never learned to tie his shoes. Hence: loafers. Loves lima beans, which is great for me…

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I’m obsessed with the Jaffe from The Great and Secret Show” (A book by Clive Barker). He’s not a monster per se but very scary! I guess i should be concerned that he’s my hero…. Anyone else read the book?I

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he would be a huge shapeshifting lungfish that could talk like a very knowledgable gentleman. His main power would be to have the ability to read minds and see through walls.

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