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What does it mean when someone says "you too much"?

Asked by Valenzcia18 (76points) June 4th, 2013 from iPhone

For example you surprised someone by something you did (in a good way)

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It means “You surprised me.I didn’t expect you to be so clever, or so smart or outrageous.” It’s a good thing, a compliment.

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@Valenzcia18 It looks like you left out a word there… did you mean “You’re too much”? Or was it some other word that was missing?

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It could mean they think your obnoxious and over-the-top.

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You did more than I expected.

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If I say, “you’re too much,” I mean you are unexpectadely funny.

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Your too good to me.
A complement.

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If he’s only leaving out the implied ”... like your mother”, then it’s all over between you. You may as well pack it up and go home (or send him home) if he’s ever suggesting that “you [are] too much like your mother.”

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I would take that to mean “You are incredible/unbelievable.” The thing about you that is beyond belief depends on the context.

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I am guessing that you said something funny or cute or flirty to him and he found it mildly amusing. It’s an “at that moment” kind of phrase. At that moment what you said (or did) was amusing to him. I’ve had it said to me and it’s really a throwaway phrase – meaningless almost immediately after it’s said.

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I am going to respond the way I always do to your questions about this guy : Talk to him! You keep asking us what all of the things he says to you me mean when he is right there in front of you! Ask him!

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He wants to “knock you off”? He knows you’re bored and need some new stimulus?

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It’s similar to “You da man!”

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The black girls at work say it to me all the time. It means you’re funny, crazy/silly, over the top. I asked them “Is that blackanese for…?” whenever I wanted 2 know what they meant. We’re all pretty close. Hehe :)

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It could be a complement, like “Wow that’s amazing, I can’t do that!”. Or it could be a warning like “Yeah…no, focus now and stop being crazy stupid.” Depends on how they use it, either way works fine.

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