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I'm looking for a few good mentors, care to be that person?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) June 10th, 2013

I’m looking for guidance. I’m looking for someone I can vent to and just ask questions about life experiences as I go a long the way. Of course I could always ask questions here on Fluther, but still I’d prefer that person with the mentor type of attitude. No judgements, no force feeding, nothing.

You see, I never grew up with that true fatherly figure, I think I could use some guidance at this time in my life. I’m 25, male, married, have a baby child, tackling school, balancing work and am an artist/musician, with very low income. Between the balancing it would be nice to have someone I can, “go to” and ask for some knowledge and what not. I promise I’m no psychopath. You would really be doing me a favor and taking the “edge off” a bit. I don’t have time to go out to a bar and drink and socialize that way, and I figure, heck, Fluther is sort of like a bar, minus the face to face and the beer but you catch my drift. I know the hard work will pay off in the end, and I’m learning how to balance it all. Please, come forth to me, lend me your hand, private message me if I’m welcome to ask you for direction and your opinion.

Thanks Fluther for holding such a quality forum by the way.

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Done. Come to me Brother. Hug time.

More seriously, request an older female mentor. Way more effective for a guy in his twenties. You will pay attention to her and not get that competitive male resentment thing going. In addition, they see the world a little bit different and the insight you would find more valuable then something you are gonna get from another guy. I had an older female mentor in the workplace and she taught me loads of things. And she was easy on the eyes.

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Haha awesome answer. I’m open to all sexes, humans, etc.

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You’ve come to the right place. A lot of answers are more humorous than helpful but people kunckle down down and answer serious questions. The folks here have seen me through a number of problems. I would not settle on a single person but allow others to answer. Most of the people here are remarkably helpful. Many have experienced problems similar to what you may ask. I’m available too, and some of us are old enough to be your grandfather, that might help.

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<—not a mentor.

do everything that i wouldn’t do

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I’m female, very slightly over 40, I’ve been through it all, so ask away! :0)

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Happy to help. Send me a message if you feel inclined. You may end up with more mentors than you can poke a stick at :D

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Oh God, then I am for sure the matriarch in this little teepee. lol
54 almost been on both sides of every fence and I will share my one shot mentoring tidbit. You just have to have the EXPERIENCE of everything. There is no advice or mentoring, only hindsight 30 years down the trail of life. lol
So there….here’s the short list if I really have to think about it. haha

1. The only constant in life is change
2. No-thing is forever
3. Don’t be an asshole, to anyone, ever!
4. Let people be who they are, love ‘em or leave ‘em but don’t invest in trying to change anyone.
5. Life is always about periods of stability and periods of change and transition. You can flow or you can fight, but..what we resist, persists.
6. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Anal people get the squeeze. lol
7. When in doubt, do nothing, forced decisions are usually unhappy ones.
8. Learn to love your own company, you are all you’ve got.
9. Be kind to animals, don’t kill anything just because you can.
10. Make Happy brownies and grow a garden.

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3. Don’t be an asshole, to anyone, ever!
But let the pretty, smart girls know you could be, and you are struggling to hold it back. Trust me on this one, it is counter-intuitive. But essential.

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You can always message me. Of course I am not perfect nor will I always have an answer but I will do my best. If I do not have an answer I will at least try to find one for you.

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I can help you figure out electrical problems – or prostate issues.

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How do we know if we passed the interview and you picked us @_Whitetigress?

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@Bellatrix You didn’t get the memo? We’ve already had dinner. He even named his 4th child after me. ;-)

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Damn! I am distraught at being passed over :-( I didn’t even get a cup of tea. I’m sure little Lucky Whitetigress will do well with you as a guide.

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