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What should be done about the suspected Nazi leader discovered in Minnesota?

Asked by bookish1 (13147points) June 15th, 2013

I just heard today that the Associated Press discovered that a suspected leader and co-founder of the Ukrainian Self-Defense Legion has been living in the U.S. for decades. I don’t know much about this group itself, but it sounds like one of many pro-Nazi volunteer groups that arose in German-conquered territories. Although many soldiers in these units were coerced, many others were equally eager to help out with the eradication of Jews in their countries.

According to the AP’s discoveries, this man lied to U.S. Immigration about his wartime service in order to slip into the country. There’s no direct evidence of this individual man’s involvement in atrocities, but the Legion itself is accused of atrocities.

Should he be prosecuted? If so, by whom and for what? Sounds like the U.S., Poland, Germany, and Israel all want to get in on this.

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He should run for president as the republican candidate.

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It has been nearly 70 years since those horrible events, but there is no reason to excuse those actions. Put him on trial. I am sure it would help remind people of what many now say never happened.

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He’s age 94, which is old for a woman but ancient for a man. Some very elderly people are mentally fit, but most have memory loss and dementia issues. Does this man even remember who he was or what he did 70 years ago?

No, I’m not excusing him in any way or condoning his past. I’m just questioning the efficacy of putting him on trial now.

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At this point, probably nothing. He’ll be dead in a year of natural causes.

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Of course he should be arrested. As far as I recall, being elderly did not exempt anyone in a concentration camp from torture or death.

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At that age he needs to worry about his judgement or they can assess reperations on the estate.

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@KNOWITALL Only if he’s still capable of worrying about anything at all.

One thing’s for certain—regardless of whether he has any remaining mental competency, his attorneys will paint the picture of a man who’s unaware of his surroundings and has lost all lucidity.

I believe that reporters interviewed a neighbor, who said that this man’s very cordial and likes to chat. Stay tuned for more information…

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@glacial Bang on the button, once a nazi bastard, always a…

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@ucme No button-banging without the legal requirement of due process. Otherwise, the button-banger is yet another “Nazi bastard.”

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Wtf are you actually saying there, please clarify.

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If there is evidence that would stand up in a proper court, he should be deported and prosecuted. Since he lied when he applied to innigrate ti the USA, he can legally be deported. If Israel is willing to procecute him, he will be assured of a fair trial. If convicted, he should be punished according to Israeli law.

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Bored waiting Bang on the button means, on the money/nailed it, hence my agreement with @glacial‘s post. sheesh

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Well, the man basically got away with it if he did order troops to kill Jews and burn villages. He has lived for 70 years in America free. If there is clear evidence, then fine put him on trial. An investigation is probably worth a little time, but I would not waste the courts time and our money, or Israeli money if he was tried in Israel, if the evidence wasn’t clear cut. If he has done nothing criminal while in the US and does not spread hate, I don’t know how much I would bother with. Arrest him sure, but I am not sure how long he can be held? I would be curious to know what the man had to say. Any remorse and how he recounts the events during the holocaust. Since he lied to enter the US they could strip him of his citizenship, that I would go for, send him back to Germany.

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@ucme We’re all friends here. No need to get your panties (or are they boxer shorts?) in a bunch.

When you said “bang on the button,” I thought you meant shoot a nuclear weapon at the man. That’s what “the button” usually means on this side of the ocean.

Example—“Who are you voting for president?” “I don’t know. I can’t decide whose finger can be trusted on the button.”

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Oh I knew what you meant, shame you didn’t with my post in the first place eh?
A little humility goes a long way sometimes, you know.
My pants are completely bunch free, very comfortable so they are.
“We’re all friends here”…a little ambitious but quite sweet.

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@ucme Actually, aren’t they your knickers that are bunch-free? (I love that word!)

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Oh, pants.

Say, is there an inverse version of Godwin’s Law, that states that a thread about Nazis becomes pointless as soon as someone mentions underwear?

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This really drove home the linguistic difference for me: My favorite pants

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@glacial. Perhaps. Of course, I’d prefer it if all Nazis, themselves and not just threads about them, became pointless as soon as someone mentions underwear.

Did anyone see Wallace & Gromit in “The Wrong Trousers”?

How do I get from Nazis to Claymation? I guess because the thought of a war criminal hiding in Minneapolis for 70 years is just too painful to dwell on.

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Hi @bookish1 . How very lovely it is to hear from you.

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@SadieMartinPaul Actually, that would be twist free knickers, not that I wear them…the wife would have my guts for garters.

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There’s quite a bit of detail in this article in the Guardian. He should definitely be investigated and prosecuted if evidence is found against him.

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He should be tried for the war crimes that he has been accused of…. he should be reminded that he can never out run his past.

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I would send him to Israel.

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