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What are your favorite summer / beach songs?

Asked by chad (694points) June 17th, 2008

If you have more than one, post away! I’m looking for things like the Beach Boys, Sublime, Bob Marley, Phonex, ect.

(Also, sorry if this question has been asked in a similar way; I searched for ‘summer songs’ and ‘beach music’ without any results.)

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Old Beach Boys tunes seem to be the essence of summer to me.

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Abstract Rude – Coolin
Avett Brothers – At The Beach
Ziggy Marley – Good Old Days
M.I.A. – Paper Planes
Bob Marley – One Love
Sean Kingston – Me Love

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There’s this great compilation album called “Pure Brazil: The Girls of Ipanema” featuring ‘60s and ‘70s Brazilian female pop vocalists like Gal Costa and Wanda Sa. It’s fun cocktail/beach/BBQ/zone-out stuff.

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Misirlou- Dick Dale and his Deltones
All Summer Long- Beach Boys
White Sandy Beach of Hawai’i- Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
Still in Paradise- Bankie Banks

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australia – the shins
veronica – elvis costello
doin’ time – sublime
another sunny day – belle & sebastian
funny little frog – belle & sebastian
greener – tally hall

just some of my favorites :]

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Beach Boys- Surfin’ USA and Little Surfer Girl
Weezer- Island in the Sun
Lit- Under the Sun or Bulletproof

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@GS: “Veronica?” I would’ve thought “The Other Side of Summer” from the same album was a natural! :)

Also, I’ll add Bebel Gilberto’s “Tanto Tempo” – it gets hot where I live, so cool sounds help in a weird way. Those and Margaritas.

And Caipirinhas.

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It’s gotta be over-the-top-cheesy-pop or catchy-rock, so for daytime, I’ll go with:
Bob Sinclair – Love Generation
Alphabeat – Fascination
Bon Jovi – 99 in the Shade
Bon Jovi – Summertime
Guns’n’Roses – Paradise City

Evening/sunset time:
Peter Frampton – Baby I love your way (the Big Mountain cover ain’t bad either)

I so need a summer holiday!!

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Blue King Brown’s album, Stand Up.

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kid rock – All summer long
and at the end of the summer
Dashboard confessional – age six racer (so long sweet summer)

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Kokomo is my all time favorite!

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ftv summer essentials – get that cd, is more like chill/trance kind of music, you can try, also, carry me away by chris lake, the classic in search of sunrise cd collections by dj tiesto, this music is more like european cut – mediterranean road trip/camparis/oysters/martinis – the other songs are more like beer and pizza crowd, I like to chill :P

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anything and everything by Bob Marley and Steel Pulse!

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I agree with loser!!!

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Cruel Summer. I love that song.

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‘Summer’ and ‘All Day Music’ by War.
‘Chicano Park Samba’ by Los Alacarnes Mojados.
‘Summer Samba (So Nice)’ and ‘Take Me to Araunda’ by Astrud Gilberto.

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A couple more,
Son of a Son or a Sailor- Jimmy Buffett
Gone Troppo- George Harrison

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shuffle of the pixies and elvis Presley.

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Beach boys all the way dude!!

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