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Adult league soccer in Los Angeles?

Asked by zfishman (19points) July 7th, 2007

I played for 14 years and stopped in college, now I'm looking for a moderately competitive league to play in. It could be indoor or outdoor, doesn't matter.

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Sunday go to a park in a Salvadorian or Honduras neighborhood, and I'm sure there will be several leagues. If not call or go to a restaurant from one of those countries and you could probably get some information. They are both very passionate soccer fans. Also you might get better results if you call it "futbol" when you are talking to them about it. Goog luck

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Check out Metro Adult Soccer at we offer indivdual sign-up, great uniforms, and a chance to plain a National Championship.

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If you are still interested, check out Hope to see you on the field.

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Did you ever find a good league to play in? I’m looking for one as well…

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go to, lots of good soccer groups.

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They have both indoor and outdoor soccer. They do not do leagues just pick up games, but the level of play is descent with some very skilled athletes.

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