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What is a good, relatively inexpensive road bike for a non-serious rider?

Asked by PrancingUrchin (1939points) June 18th, 2008 from iPhone

My 1972 Schwinn Varsity finally gave up :(

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What’s your price range? My “relatively” inexpensive might not compare favorably with yours.

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How did your Schwinn give up? Unless the frame cracked, most any bike can be resurrected from the dead. If its cheaper to repair than buy another, that might be the way to go, if not, Craigslist always has a lot of good used bike values.

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I have a Giant. They’re well made and fairly inexpensive. I love mine!

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How about this Schwinn Seneca. I have it, and am very satisfied. $250—$300 is the lowest price you’re going to find for a road bike.

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I was looking for something at or less than $450. My local, trusted bicycle shop suggested that I buy something new because the front wheel was shot and the frame had a crack in it.

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If thats your price range, then definitely go with my suggestion above.

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That bikes looks very nice for a low price. I definitely wouldn’t mind sticking with the brand that gave me a bike that lasted 30+ years.

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@urchin, if you have a local, trusted bike shop, do they have anything in stock you might be interested in? Whatever you get, make sure you make at least some attempt to getting properly sized/fitted on the bike.

Schwinn makes bikes from the very lowest end all the way up to the super, ultra, mega, fantastic. I’m optimistic you’ll find something in their lineup.

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@robmandu, even though my local shop is a very good place, their bikes are a little too expensive for me even though they are fantastic bikes. I generally, go there for my repairs. Thank you for your optimism and help. I’m sure I’ll find setting now.

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I haven’t seen any good bikes for less than $600. And $600 is really low. If you buy a nicer bike you will probably want to ride more!

But I have seen some decent Raleigh entry level road bikes about $600. I think the Bianchi entry level (brava) is $700 or so. I used to think that was really expensive. Now I think its very cheap : )

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