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I like the “frizzer” question.

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Links, please!

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I really appreciate the questions that clearly come from a keenly inquisitive and observant mind. There are lots of those minds here, and most of them are pretty well known, but I want to give a special shout out here to a low-profile jelly who has constantly surprised me with her fascinating observations.

Here’s a sampler of great @Nimis questions:

Are yawns contagious across different species?

Do nocturnal animals have better peripheral vision during the daytime?

Why does it sometimes itch when I pull out a white hair?

Does art exist without an audience?

Do you have any string?

Can adrenaline affect your sense of taste?

Why is pointing considered rude?

Why do some cemeteries have a separate area for children and infants?

Would you care whether or not your organ(s) went to a convict?

Why do I get nightmares when I fall asleep while lying on my left side?

This is so obviously someone who’s open to the wonder of the world.

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(Milo here; Anything about me. Type “Milo” in the search engine).

Whatthefluther’s proposal to Sherry.

Rarebear’s diagnosis of someone (I can’t remember who) who was having an appendix attack.He hied himself to the hospital just in time.

I don’t know how to find the links that far back.

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It’s not that my question about prison was very interesting, but Zuma’s answers were.

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Even though they devolve quickly, I really enjoy the informative political questions.

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There are so many that I’m having a hard time picking. Following up on @gailcalled‘s suggestions:

It wasn’t Rarebear, but shilolo who saved judochop’s life.

The epic marriage proposal.

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My personal favorite is this one.

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@erichw1504 Aaaw, aren’t you charming!

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^^Bag of dicks. Lmao xD

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@phaedryx That is awesome, wish I had taken part in that question.

@AshLeigh I imagine the mods of Fluther arriving at his place of residence with balloons, confetti and a party hat saying, “Congratulations Mr. Powell on entering the 1 millionth quip: ‘Bag of dicks’!”

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