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Knee scopes?? Recovery time and pain.

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) July 10th, 2013

June 28th I had knee scope to fix a large meninscus tear and remove arthritis inside and outside of the knee. I have been off crutches for 5 ays, yet it still hurts to bend and straighten. twisting, no fun. How long did it take you to heal?? I remember the other scope over 10 years ago to be easier than this.

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Sounds like some major repair work if they sent you home on crutches. A friend of mine had it done and he walked out of the hospital on his own and was only stiff for a day. Check with your doctor for an update. I’m guessing it’s going to be a while longer but that’s just a guess.

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I had it done when I was 18. I went home on crutches but it was only for about a week, then I had physio for about 8 months. I’m 34 now and I still have trouble.

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Most post-knee surgery rehab includes serious exercises designed by a physical therapist.

My knee surgeon and the others in his practice insist that all patients prepping for any kind of knee surgery start doing the exercises several weeks before surgery. It is called pre-hab.

After a total knee replacement, one starts the exercises on post-op day two in the hospital. Patients are given pain killers 30 minutes before doing the exercises. They are supervised (nagged and bullied) for the next six weeks; after that the patient is on his own but strongly encouraged to work on both the flexion and extension stretches.

Surely your surgeon has discussed the postop program with you?

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