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Why do some people berate strangers on the internet?

Asked by harangutan (1028points) July 10th, 2013

What’s the point? Don’t they have anything better to do then scold a complete stranger?

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Some people just need berating.

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If you’re referring to what I think you’re referring, he should be brought up on charges, and not just be berated.

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I have no idea what you are talking about willworkforchocolate.

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Trying to talk sense into the senseless is not the same thing as berating.
Berating would be uncalled for assumptions and accusations, not a good swift kick in the rear to a donkey brained human.

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Okay then. Weird coincidence. I’ll just “ditto” what @Rarebear said.

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As one who has mildly berated someone, it’s more about not accepting unacceptable behavior, even in an anonymous forum like Fluther.

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I rarely berate. A notable exception is today. When someone’s shortsightedness endangers a life is when all bets are off.

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You guys weren’t berating a stranger really. He proved he’s totally clueless over and over again. Your comments were in line with the crime. I think that makes a difference. If you berate a true total stranger that’s out of line.

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Coincidence @willworkforchocolate. Can someone please tell me what you are all talking about?

I chose my username harangutan- to constantly be on someone’s back; incessantly nagging and lecturing because I’ve witnessed so many people on different forums who berate strangers and I think it’s pointless and a waste of time. I just don’t get it. I feel the person who is doing the berating is the one with the issue. But that’s just my opinion.

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Because they’re invariably just that, strange.

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There is nothing wrong with berating/criticizing a person on the internet. They come to a forum like this to either ask or answer a question. They do this voluntarily. No one forced them to take the position they did or to ask the question the asked.

In other words, they put themselves out there purposefully. And that means that they get the good (support, answers), the bad (criticism, negativity) and the ugly (berating, etc.)

Part of the price of admission here is that you can be criticized. Teased. berated. Ridiculed.

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Small things amuse small minds.

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That’s what forums are for.

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@elbanditoroso Part of the price of admission here is that you can be criticized. Teased. berated. Ridiculed. That sounds fun. Not.

My question is why? Why do people like to criticize and berate? What do they get out of it? Does it make them feel good about themselves?

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@YARNLADY Some forums are for people to get help. I didn’t know that an angry rant was supposed to be helpful.

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@harangutan – I think it comes down to a definitional issue. Semantics. Choice of words.

One person’s berating may be another person’s way of making a logical argument. People have different styles. I don’t think people come here to berate others – more likely they come here to discuss and argue.

Disagreement, even vehement disagreement, is not berating.

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It depends on what you call ‘berating’. If you mean the Type A rude and ridiculous arguing that some people engage in, I think the anonymity factor is a big factor. It’s very easy to be hurtful, rude, critical when you don’t have the real person in front of you. I think it makes some people feel superior. Personally I think it looks rather silly. Makes me think of the old, ‘someone is wrong on the internet’ funny.

There is a different between that Type B style of arguing and the debating that goes on here sometimes. I see this as more productive. It usually doesn’t drop to the level or insults or putting people down but people may quite passionately disagree. That’s the nature of this type of site. Although there are some people who appear feel nobody has the right to disagree with them and get offended and then things can morph into type A.

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@Bellatrix To criticize angrily. Usually name calling is involved or internet yelling. I thought that’s what berating was. I’m not speaking about calm adults arguing politely or debating.

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Looking at some of the responses, I just wanted to clarify that. That’s how I understand berating too but the thread being discussed further back in the thread didn’t show that tendency. It was polite but firm telling someone they were wrong and (if it’s the thread I think it was), there was a very good reason to do this. Hence my asking the question. So, my Type A answer stands. It makes some people feel clever and important. ‘Look at me! I won an argument on the internet’.

Arguing on the internet. Patently stupid in my mind and makes all concerned look ridiculous.

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B-rate… criticize.
Not a real root word, no. But.. yea.

Anyway, what happened? links?

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I would like to make it clear that I asked this question without any knowledge of this other question some are talking about. An incident with a group I belong to on another forum inspired this question and it kind of sucks that the focus is now on one particular question that was asked here recently. But it is on topic, so oh well. Carry on.

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@harangutan Duly noted, I am sorry you felt berated, or, had someone you know berated.
I’ll just leave off with this little saying….

If one person says you’re a donkey, ignore it.
If 10 people say you’re a donkey, buy a saddle. lol

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Because it requires too much guts in real life.

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People either get angry or shut down when being berated, and so usually it doesn’t make sense to me to lose your temper too much online, although of course I have at times.

I missed that Q, but I would suggest calm and rational is a more effective communication skill in most situations.

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