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Why does the 30% of America still support Bush?

Asked by mssamayray (103points) June 18th, 2008 from iPhone
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There’s no accounting for taste. I actually work with a bunch of folks who still support him. Of course they still say that Iraq was involved in 9/11, we should “bomb all the towel heads”, bemoan diversity in our schools, and say that a woman or a “black guy would drive this country into the ground”. I don’t get it. Blows my mind. But there you have it.

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Colbert sums it up.. “32% means it’s still two-thirds empty… last third is usually backwash…” [likening the people that still support the President to backwash]

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Some people were raised republican, are republican, and will always support their republican president no matter what. Foolish, but true.

I read an article a while ago about how there’s always a certain number of people who will support the person they voted for, regardless of that person’s performance in office. I can’t find the article, but it basically said that there’s always a safety net of a certain percentage who will support an elected official, hands down, no matter what.

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Actually, you’re being generous. 24% is the latest number.

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Pride is a bitch.

It takes a big person to admit their wrong, and I’m not talking about BMI (Body Mass Index), otherwise Republicans are usually as big as they come.

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If you look at various polls over time, you will surmise that there is about a 30% base of hardcore supporters at each polar extreme. That’s why as we head into the general election here, the fight will be for 21% of the more middle of the roaders. The primaries were just contrivances to appeal to each party’s 30%.

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I used to wonder about things like that until I drove from coast to coast. This country is big, and MOST of it is about 20 years behind the cities. I’m talking no internet, no cell phone signal. I was actually advised by some kindly old men in a McDonalds in Colorado to “watch out for Injuns” and he was dead serious. So I can see how there are 30% Bush supporters.

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They’re idiots.

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yes. Idiots. And dumb ones, too.

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They are not idiots, nor dumb. It certainly isn’t a matter of taste. It is the right of every citizen to support whom ever they choose. In 4 years people will questioning why people support or once supported Obama.

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I doubt that.

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Thats exactly what I mean. You have the right to doubt it without being called an idiot.

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“But our President is such a nice guy! How could anybody say anything bad about him!”~

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@ jmbm: God bless America ~

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I agree with you there.

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Let me restate, just in case it wasn’t clear. In my opinion (which is what this question is about), those who support gwb3 are dumb idiots. Likewise, I feel that those who support jmbm fall into a similar category. You have the right to support I dumb idiot you want to, I have the right to call you a dumb idiot. I do not have the right to fix an election, start a war, tell lies and hinder investigations or turn a personal profit from decisions made in office. But I guess that is what separates me from the dumb idiots.

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Had to add this

I’ve always thought it was funny!

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@banjo -you missed – setup concentration camps, torture….
You know “good people” followed Hitler to the very end too.

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In this country, anyone can vote; idiots, fools, morons, scholars,educators, liberals, neocons, communists, fascists, racists, hate mongers, Arabs , Jews, Gentiles, etc. Etc.

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@banjo “You have the right to support I dumb idiot you want to” You right banjo, you are in a class all alone. You are definitely separate from dumb idiots.

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Because they watch Fox Noise, I mean, Fox “News”, and because Jesus tells them so

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