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How are the grocery sections in the new Target stores?

Asked by woodcutter (16347points) July 13th, 2013

I’m desperate to find a Walmart alternative and I’m hoping Target will work. We have one opening soon in our area and I’ve never been to one.

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Pretty good. The produce can be hit or miss, but the same is true at Walmart. Target does have a lot of their own brand on the shelves, but they also have a lot of brand name products I can’t find anywhere else.

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I general, Target has a wider selection of stuff (groceries included), but I find that they still lack compared to actual supermarkets. This is true even of the big, one 5 miles away from me that has a grocery section that is almost the size of a supermarket by itself.

Then again, such are the sacrifices of one-stop shopping. When you pick up motor oil, flat-screen TVs, a pair of pants, and a prescription all at teh same place, you really can’t expect them to do as good at groceries as a place that focuses more heavily on food.

As an alternative to Walmart, Target is awesome. I just find it odd to get groceries at either when there are better (and often cheaper) options available.

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This has nothing to do with the question really, but how are the electronics sections over there? Two Targets are also opening up here pretty soon.

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@Symbeline They suck. I couldn’t find any noise rock in the music section and they have no criterion collection movies. Target in general just sucks a lot.

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@Michael_Huntington If it’s anything like Walmart and how that store’s movie and music sections were…then bleech. Especially music…

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@Symbeline I’m sure it’s the same. Same shit, different corporate assholes.

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@Symbeline If you want electronics, better off going to an electronics store, like Best Buy. Our nearest Target has a relatively anemic electronics and movie selections simply because there is a Best Buy within spitting distance that whips their ass at both. Same deal with the Target in the little city I used to live in back East.
If you really want one-stop shopping, then just stop at your computer desk at home and order stuff from the internet. Better prices, better selection, less travel, and (at least in some areas) you can get certain items faster than you can find a parking space at the brick-and-mortar store.

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Also if you want to find out which stores near you carry a specific item (and its price) there’s a great website and App which I’ve been using for years. It’s saved me a lot of gas and wasted time hunting.

Plus, it also gives the choice of Internet site and price for said item.

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Small. Very limited in what they carry.

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FYI the grocery section can vary a lot from one target to another. When a store is retrofitted they usually have a very limited grocery section, but the newer larger stores built from scratch usually have a much bigger grocery area.

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We have a fairly new one and the food it carries is strikingly similar to what you could find at a Dollar General. Chips, nuts and other snacks, a few frozen foods, canned and boxed foods, and drinks. I’ve never seen a produce section, deli, bakery, or fresh meat there. In fact, I’ve never seen those things at any Target. I also find that what they do have is a fair bit more expensive than elsewhere.

I hate Wal-Mart. I stick to Publix for the most part. Publix makes me enjoy grocery shopping, which is amazing.

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The one near me is pretty good, it’s a Super Target built just ~4 years ago and has a nice selection of basics. I don’t do all my shopping there, though, just for stuff that I can’t get at the nicer Sprouts, so I’m not the best judge. But it does have a bakery, deli, produce, dairy, standard grocery section and large freezer sections, so there’s not too much missing even if the produce section would be too sparse if I didn’t have a better store for that nearby.

Same can be said for the rest of the store, too, it’s a standard Jack of All Trades store, chances are it’ll have something to accommodate what i need in any given category but if i need something particular I’ll go to a more specialized store.

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@jerv Yeah, that’s what I was figuring. I was curious because this guy I know keeps saying Target has super awesome electronics and he can’t wait for it to open up here. But since it seems to essentially be a Walmart, I’m not sure what he’s talking about. And Best Buy rules.

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We have a new shopping center under construction that cuts two miles out of my excursion. Thats not enough usually to change places but this Walmart bites so bad here I can’t even begin to describe. 27 places on payday for me to give them my money and 5 are open. Probably the usual effects of something that comes to town and seems pretty nice for the first few years then for some reason hits the wall. Its a big GI town and it was hit by multiple BRAC influxes making traffic and overall shopping a PITA. There needs to be more stores just so people can move freely about. And I like the fact competition for WM is close. Hopefully they pay their employees better too. I can deal with the prices being a tad more if the experience is better. Not that I care for shopping, I don’t. It’s something I have to do. If I can get what I need without going to many places all the better. I see there is also going to be a pharmacy inside Target. It might be worth switching if they can compete with WM pharmacy. I might do it anyway just so I have no real reason to go back. Thanks for the heads up guys. It sounds encouraging. There is also going to be a Pet Smart in the same complex. Next best thing to a zoo.

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