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What are the arguments against the HPV vaccine?

Asked by Flavio (1111points) July 8th, 2007

There is a rumor in SE DC that the HPC vaccine may cause death in children. Where is the source? The literature is scant on this.

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I have a three part answer here that, unfortunately, doesn't actually fully answer your question.

I've never heard those rumors specifically, but there is a long history of parents fearing the negative consequences of vaccines. A recent, and unfortunately ongoing, example is the completely baseless claim that vaccines are linked with autism. In fact, as I write this response, there is a google add that reads, "Test your child - Autism." I can only assume that google has placed that add there because there are enough pages on the web that talk about this so-called link.

Second part: Some of these rumors may stem from the fact that most vaccines (like the flu shot) are created using a modified version of the virus itself. Even though this may seem like a good reason to be suspicious of getting vaccinated, in truth, there is no chance of getting a disease from a vaccination (though, apparently, sometimes side-affects can occur)

The last part of my answer is totally 100% conjecture: there are some pretty powerful interests out there who would like to see the HPV vaccine go away. These "interests" do not like the idea that we can vaccinate against an STD and thereby remove some of the risk from non-marital sex. Are these "interests" above spreading rumors to undermine the vaccine? I don't know. I do know that, for example, right before the 2000 election, several hundred flyers were found underneath the windshield wipers of cars in a low-income neighborhood reminding people to vote on November 8. The problem? Election day was November 7.

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All nonsense. All the REAL data thusfar has concluded that the vaccine is totally safe, save for the odd fluke allergic reaction found in any vaccine. Various right-wing lobby groups have produced a bunch of shoddily researched "results" from independent tests that suggest that the vaccine is harmful. But the underlying issue is that they whole-heartedly believe that the danger of vaccinating girls is that it will give them a free pass to have pre-marital sex. That's right, fellow Americans, the Republican Party would rather have young girls potentially DIE OF CANCER than run the risk of them not being deathly afraid of having sex.

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I feel that the good of the vaccine defiantly out ways the bad. So many people have HPV its an epidemic now. Even though the vaccine only targets 4 different strains they are the most dangerous ones that are proven to cause cervical cancer which so may women face everyday. The US government isn’t perfect but they wouldn’t allow this drug to be adminastard to young women without it being generally safe.

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