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What's your trick for drinking more water throughout the day?

Asked by Aethelwine (42471points) July 29th, 2013

This question was just asked by Food Network on Facebook.

Do people really have such a hard time drinking water that they need tricks to include it in their daily routine? It seems pretty simple to me.

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No trick. I walk to the sink with my cup and fill it.

Drinking water is just a routine to get into. it is self-discipline, pure and simple. Just do it.

(I know one guy that – every time he goes to the bathroom to pee, also goes and gets a new cup of water. Easy in, easy out.

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For me, yes, I do need a trick when I’m trying to actively increase my intake.

I have a 1.5 liter bottle that I fill up in the morning, and I make sure it’s empty before I leave work. I don’t have to keep track of how many glasses I’ve had.

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I make sure to have water with me from lunch time through dinner. I make sure it’s in my line of sight. I need the visual reminder. I’m not sure that’s a trick, but it works.

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Now that I know that we do not need 8 glasses of water a day, I just drink a whole glass with my pills twice a day.

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I’ve never liked the taste of tap water anywhere I’ve lived, so long ago I got into the habit of drinking only bottled water. Earlier this year I tried weaning myself off that by buying a purifier for the tap, but I soon discovered I was drinking too little water from it. So now I’m back “on the bottle.”

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Sometimes I force a little extra water down, but overall I have never been on board with the water all day long group. Once you’re hydrated you’re hydrated. Drinking more water doesn’t do anything extra except you pee more. Although, it is good to flush the kidneys, but even that can be overkill. Overloading the body with water too fast all at once is dangerous and can even cause death. But, I doubt we are talking about chugalugging a gallon on this Q.

My husband and I both are fascinating by how much people can drink at once. From water to alcohol.

I mostly drink water when I drink something, but it doesn’t matter if you drink water, tea, coffee, soda, juice, they all hydrate you. If hydration is the concern.

I drink a glass with my pill in the morning. More when I exercise. Some more with meals. A little more if I take some vitamins. I pretty much never carry it around, unless I am out in the heat for an extended period.

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We have very clean water system in St. Louis. A friend in the bottled water business told me that filling jug with hot tap water and letting it cool in fridge is arguably cleaner than his brand of bottled. Takes a while for a hot gallon of water to cool, so I keep three jugs in rotation.

Getting me to drink it requires it to be cold. I’ve gotten in the habit of adding a bit of lemon concentrate. I like the sour bite and I drink much more that way than I would otherwise. Enjoying some right now!

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Seems pretty simple to me too. I have no problem drinking it and need no tricks. Just fill a glass and drink.

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I drink at least two cups of water during every meal. So that’s like 20 cups.

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I’m starting to wonder if the question is about drinking water or drinking more liquid in general? Some people are answering like they don’t like water much, I like water, I just can’t drink a ton of anything at once.

@Michael_Huntington LOL.

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<<<—sexy water drinker

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies -where do you buy sexy water? Mine is just, well, pale.

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In this weather, I add ice, fresh mint sprigs, and some fresh lemon juice, possibly ½ t. sugar
and find it very palatable. It’s easily to have a few swigs if I am sitting at a desk rather than rushing around.

Often, at night, after exercising, I’ll watch a little TV and swill the same drink.

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I really resisted drinking water; now I drink nothing BUT water for the most part. I started by taking my pills one at a time using 2 or 3 gulps with each pill. Now I drink at least 26 oz. per day with meals and between. We have very good water here and I really like it.

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I keep a water bottle next to me at all times. No more “I’m thirsty but too lazy to get myself a drink” issues.

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I carbonate it.

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There isn’t one, bang a glass in the fridge dispenser & Bob’s your uncle.

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I carry a gallon of water with me. When I’m about to drink from it, I think of a number in my head (usually between 6 and 11) and that’s how many gulps of water I’ll take. I like my water room temperature or not too cold because I like downing it. I don’t like ice because it’s torture to only be able to take a small sip before freezing your throat.
Today I didn’t have my gallon with me and my pee was yellow as a result. :(

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I never have liked water. It is a great burden for me to try to drink one full glass all at once. I begin by putting filtered water in a large container along with sliced lemons or other fruits in my refrigerator. I then fill a 16 oz cup with a lid and straw from the cold flavored water, along with some ice cubes. I keep it next to me and sip from it all day long. I usually refill it three times. The ice cubes are also made from filtered water.

We own a counter top water filter. Our tap water meets the legal requirements for clean water, but by the time it gets to our tap, it carries some kind of sediment that clogs the screens on my faucet, and I don’t want to drink that stuff.

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My refrigerator has two Brita pitchers, which make my tap water taste wonderful. Whenever I’m at home, I keep a large glass (plastic, actually, because glass might break) nearby.

Why two pitchers? One’s already chilled, and one’s still getting cold.

By the way, I always use the filtered water for making ice cubes. Nasty ice cubes will melt and taint a beverage. I also use filtered water for my dog and cat; their senses of smell and taste are much keener than my own.

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I have always been one to drink a lot of water….aside from coffee, I don’t drink any other beverages really. So that just leaves lots of water throughout the day. However, and I’m sure you’ll feel me on this, since I’ve lived in Colorado I have to wildly up the amount I drink or I can be almost sure that I’ll get a headache later or just feel generally less good than I should. I think I am a little more in tune with my body than some people that don’t care so much….maybe that’s why I notice it so easily. So anyhow I do sometimes have to use tricks to drink enough since enough for me is a pretty large amount, and I have a small bladder so it’s very inconvenient. I find that the more lemon I put in my water the more I drink, also I can drink a ton more if it’s room temperature (I have sensitive teeth). And the right water bottle is key. I like drinking out of glasses but usually am not home and whats funny is I just returned from REI, I bought a new water bottle and it’s one of those Camel Back top ones so you just bite it and suck and for me it’s a relief cause I don’t have to worry about spilling water all over myself like I do from a Nalgene. That is actually a large issue for me. And I hate how Nalgenes inevitable taste after a while. That’s all.

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I’m in the easy in, easy out camp that @elbanditoroso already mentioned.

I also keep a glass right by the fridge. Every time I open the fridge or pantry to snack during the day, I drink a glass of water. My full bladder is a gentle reminder to stop snacking so much.

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I put tea in it.

What am I, a deer? Why drink plain water?

To be honest, I always bring a bottle of water when I exercise. Other than that, I drink hot herbal tea most of the day.

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Add Gin to it.

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I think routine is the key, decide how much and when to drink and just do it e.g. a glass of water before you get up, after you get up, before you have breakfast, morning tea, before lunch, during lunch etc, you choose the amount and how often to do it. I imagine always carrying a bottle of water with you would help matters, never any excuse not to drink.

@Pachyderm_In_The_Room No doubt it is something you have considered but why don’t you reuse a water bottle and just fill it with filtered water?

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More exertion, more water.

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The creation of rituals triggering my brains associative memory.

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