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Did Adam and Eve go to heaven or hell?

Asked by rockstar (675points) June 19th, 2008
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They probably went to Purgatory, since they couldn’t be baptized or go to confession.

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Adam went on to start a punk band called “The Ants” and Eve began a career in R&B/hiphop.

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Heaven since Jesus died for their sins in the future. Gotta love that time warp. (not being sarcastic, it’s just hard to convey it).

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I don’t know, they didn’t leave a forwarding address.

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They went to hell.

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they went to earth right ? so yeah, hell

i do wonder, did he plow her ? i mean, if it’s paradise i would have sex around every hour, and it would feel soooo good every time, because, yeah, it’s heaven, and heaven is perfect, and eve would never get pregnant….is this blasphemous ?

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what do you think rockstar?

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adam and eve went to heaven. Just like everyone else Christ died for sins from the first two people to the last. All are accounted for.

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@ iwamoto That probably is blasphemous, haha…

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Thanks for the good answers. I figured I would chime in with my two cents. The Bible doesn’t say if they did or did not, but I think they are in heaven. God is a god of second chances. If he wasn’t then he wouldn’t have sent Jesus to die on the cross for us. Also if you check in the next chapter (Genesis 4?) Their sons Cain and Abel were offering up sacrifices to God. Back in that time, because of the culture, it was common for children to worship the same as their parents. This is a very simplified answer, but I don’t feel like writing a novel right now. Any thoughts/comments?

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i like stories by hans christian anderson or the grimm brothers better, they’re more consistent, oh, and more believable…

just my 2 cents of course

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@willbrawn…yeaaah but just because jesus died for everyones sins doesnt mean you go to heaven…you have to accept him into your life and all that least from what I’ve always known of the bible.

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@autumnofage I was giving a basic answer. I didnt feel like going into all kinds of doctrine.

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star wars was a nice story too. I wonder where Luke and Leia ended up?

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I dono…but If God created them, I think H/he would take care of T/them.

Just my thoughts

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God gave them paradise or also known as the garden of eden and all things were Adam’s to eat except for the fruit form the tree of knowledge of good an evil.

Then God decides to create a mate for Adam, after trail and error which created animals, but did not satisfy Adam (ok…), he made Eve. Then the previously made snake tempted Eve into eating the fruit… Promising they would become as wise as God himself. Both ate from the fruit and indeed their ignorance was taken away instantly and they felt all things bad, like shame of beeing naked etc. God was furious and gave them some extra punishment by adding pain and hard labour, and made them eat from another tree (the tree of life).

This is the interesting part, they were shun from the garden, having already started their family and Adam and Eve who had eaten from the tree of life would live forever (or according to genesis 930 years). So what else was there outside of the garden? Well they had kids Cain, Abel and Seth. Who are mention in the other genesis books, not being in the garden but just plain old earth a few centuries ago.

Because of the forbidden fruit that was taken all things evil were casted upon all things living, thus interpretations can be made that paradise became Hell…

But then again Hell is never mentioned to Adam or Eve.
In the New Testament, it is described as the place or state of punishment after death or last judgment for those who have rejected Jesus. But Jesus wasn’t around then…

And in general, Hell is a bad place for sinners. Being submitted to pain and hard labour for an almost eternal life is exactly what happened to Adam and Eve.

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Thats a question that’ll have to be asked after this life.

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Just a question: No disrespect to believers, but tell me how they avoided incest. And if they found other people outside of the family, where did they come from? If there were others then does’nt that mean we aren’t all children of Adam. Besides, I don’t see how the gene pool was big enough to sustain a race of people.
okay, that was more than just a question.

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Ah! That’s where the aliens come into the picture…

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@loser (which, I doubt Y/you are btw.) ~gigglin~

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i still say he totally did her…

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How else would they have populated the earth?

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Yeah, I’ve struggled with the incest question myself (not PERSONALLY, but as it pertained to Adam and Eve), and there just must’ve been some grace there – how else can you “go forth and multiply”?

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Hell is a man-made convention, so they didn’t go there. Heaven is not a place, rather a plane of existence. Adam and Eve became part of everything. They in the father and the father in them. Here and there is everywhere and always never anywhere.

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@overoceans where did you think up that doctrine?

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Koo-koo katchoo.

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It has sort of come to me over time. Part jesus, part physics, part instinct.

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