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Do you spread the collective word?

Asked by surlygirl (363points) June 19th, 2008

i find i don’t want to recruit new jellys, because i like the anonymity. is that mean and selfish?

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I tell people about it, but I don’t ask them to join because I like Fluther for the fresh, new and different perspectives. I don’t want to hear same old stuff Im used to.

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I’m a dick around here. I don’t really want my real life friends to see that.

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My online varies from my offline life in a number of ways and just like johnpowell I don’t think I would like anyone I know offline seeing me online. It’s also kind of awkward, it’s nice to be on an open, free, fresh, new site without worrying saying anything that may be brought up in the world of those I speak to face to face.

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i don’t tell my friends because i want to keep place, well, you know, just like a friend of mine bought a mac yesterdat for the sake of having a mac, ugh, i’m so sick of it, so yeah, i don’t want friends of mine sending me messages, prancing how they also use fluther, seeing how i am over here, etc etc

the worst part of the story i’ll save for a question ;)

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I do the same thing

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Recruit new jellies?

You ARE a new jelly.

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Not really. I fear taunting…
Actually, I loathe even the thought of spending my precious, precious day trapped in no-win political, religious, or ideological debates with colleagues.
Even though I value their opinions.~
gag again
think I threw up a little

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What? You guys have friends outside of the internet? Damn. I wish I had human friends.

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You’re a cook. You’re not allowed to have human friends.

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cooks work, the barkeep gets to have friends….

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Ha you know… I was joking. But you’re pretty much right.

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I tried to get my cousin to join, but she wasn’t interested.

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Yeah then she’d know that you wanna bang her.

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I am kinda a sarcastic prick in real life too so people seeing me be that way online should not come as a shock. But yes. I recruited my wife and a coworker, my wife recruited her aunt.

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I know at least one of my friends has joined, and others have peeked….

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I’ve been spreading it. I got lefteh to join. :)

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Been spreading the word to quite a few people, not sure if any of them joined. Is there anybody out there? Is that you f-ing with me?????

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I’ve spread the word a few times, not significantly. I’ve sent a few e-mails to friends, saying whoa – check out this discussion on Fluther – it’s totally what you’re into! (Just forwarded the question about what’s your favorite Monty Python scene yesterday.)
@Del, nice job – I appreciate Lefteh’s contributions!

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oops…forgot the ~ again in my last sentence.

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I don’t think most of my friends would be into it.

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I don’t tell any of my friends that I fluther, I think they would think this is very weird & be judgemental.

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@beast: i am? it has been six months, 39Q asked/73Q answered, and that new jelly smell has disappeared…
i don’t think the length of time on here needs to correlate with the number of people you’ve shared the site with.

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