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What did you find confusing about the site when you first joined?

Asked by andrew (16461points) August 6th, 2008

Was it a specific task? A concept? The culture? We’re going to be working on the join process in the near future and we’d like to know.

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The only thing I found confusing (and still do) is why there are 2 search boxes on the homepage. They seem to do the exact same thing. I think there should only be one… but that’s just me. Other then that, this was probably one of the lowest learning curves of many web 2.0 sites.

Now, Twitter on the other hand…..

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Nothin’. :)

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I didn’t really find anything confusing, but I also had a lot of help joining.

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I was a bit confused with finding the entire list of current questions. I was provided some suggested Q’s on my profile page, but not the entire list. However, to be honest, I really had to think to come up with something. So much of this was pretty clear and what I wasn’t sure of I found out from all you wonderful welcoming folks.

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Oh, another would be the chat room. If I hadn’t been given a link, I probably wouldn’t have found it.

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The difference between Questions for you and Activity for you. Both show ‘New’ when there’s something there – perhaps if they were differentiated a bit, like if Questions for you was called New questions for you. Or if the Activity for you showed ‘Updated’ instead of ‘New’ when there’s stuff there.

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I was really confused about all these references to a “chat room” but i saw no chat room. Eventually I stumbled upon a question where someone asked “Is there a chat room?” and figured it out.

This isn’t specifically about joining, but I always scroll down the list of recently asked questions, and maybe I haven’t looked at it in a while, so there are still questions I haven’t seen on page two, so I’m looking, and then i decide to click on one, i answer it, and then i want to go back and browse where i was looking before. The only way for me to do this is to use my browser’s back button twice. this is okay, but it would be kind of nice if there was a link that was like, “go back to the part of the list you were looking at before” you know, but more succinctly put.

I think it’s a pretty clear and straightforward website on the whole, though!

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I’m with wildflower.

I still don’t use those functions.

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there’s a chat room?

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I agree with Johnpowell and wildflower about Questions for You and Activity your following. It wasn’t clear to me at first, but over time its made more sense.


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The only thing I don’t get is how to make a link like the one johnpowell just did…

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RandomMrdan, they change the url a lot to avoid spammers (or one in particular named zach), just pm a mod (such as pnl, richardhenry, or i think johnpowell) and they’ll give you the latest url.

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I’ve noticed a good few people not being able to figure out the formatting based on the details below the answer box:
Style your text! * strong * _ emphasis _—whisper— “link” : → link. See the entire list.

Perhaps it should be made clearer.

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Right, that I see. But the arrow is what confuses me.

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Never mind the arrow. If you want to create a link, put ” ”: around the word, followed by the URL and bob’s your uncle…....but that’s a good point. Perhaps it is the arrow throwing people off.

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I wasn’t really confused by anything. I agree that the text styling could be explained more clearly.

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The only thing that seemed to take me a while was the text styling.

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thanks wildflower :)

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I can’t recall anything that really confused me when I first joined.

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The only feature I wish for is an ability to see all recently answered questions, not just the ones recently asked.

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Not confusing exactly, but when creating your profile it would be nice to see the entire list of things like expertise and interests…same when asking a question, to be able to see the whole list of possible topics tags would be helpful.

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as chica mentioned, there is a social chat room where flutherers get together to discuss both stupid and borderline intelligent things ;). it’s just a fun place to hang out i guess. for the link to the chat room, PM me or any of the mods.

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I didn’t even know there was a chat room

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yep jballou. if you want a link, just let me (chat mod) or any of the other fluther chat mods know!

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