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Where would you buy it ?

Asked by iwamoto (5266points) June 19th, 2008

here’s the deal, as we know i work at an apple dealer, now a friend of mine has been wanting a mac for some time now, so i’ve showed him mine, told him about it…the works.

so last night his screenname says “on my new mac”, so of course i ask him “cool, where did you buy it?”

in which he replies he bought it at saturn (it’s a sort of walmart idea, they plant a big store, sell at prices way below all the other stores, and the employees don’t know jack)

so naturally i’m a bit pissed, sure i’m not forcing my friends to buy at my store, but this is just a stab in the chest in my opinion, why? because it’s the same price, he could have easily bought it at my store, yet he decided not to, ugh, i feel betrayed

but he told me he has confidence in Saturn, i’ve seen enough customers to know the difference, anyway, i told him if he ever has trouble with it, all help will cost him..

so now the question, would you buy a product at a smaller specialized store for a few extra bucks (and a lot more care) or at the Walmart ?

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I thought Apple set retail prices to keep them uniform for all outlets (?)

edit: oops, should have read more carefully

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Why do you ask a question and seek peoples’ opionions, when you phrase the question in such a biased way.

“for a few extra bucks (and a lot more care)”

Seems to me like you’re trying to get people to lean in a specific direction.

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If i was being honest, I would use the specialized store to understand my choices but would buy the final product at the cheapest price available, which according to your question would be Walmart. Whenever I buy anything electronic, i make sure to check various sites for user reviews and such. Now your experience is a little different. First off, you said it was the same price at your store. And second, you both are friends. If friendship was involved, then yes I would go to lengths to buy it from the store where my friend works (if he/she gets a commission!!) and if the prices were comparable. When you found out that he got his new mac, it would have been perfectly okay for you to ask “dude why didn’t you buy it from us when its the same price and i helped you choose one?” maybe he has some reason that you don’t know about that would come into the picture.

IF the friend wasn’t getting a commission out of it and wasn’t really affected by me buying at the store he/she works, then i don’t see the problem. If the price difference was more than a few dollars, then I would expect my friend to understand my financial responsibilities too.

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what was the question?

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ah, damn, can’t edit it anymore, i was still “in the zone” when i wrote it, i’d change it if i could

@pnl, i don’t get a commission on it, but like i said, price is the same, anyway, i’ll ask him some more on the big question…

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I personally hate Walmart, so I would spend a few extra bucks for the specialty store, but having bought 2 macs, one from a specialty place and one from an Apple Store- I would actually never buy another mac again from anywhere but an Apple Store.

That being said- if you don’t own the store or get a commission, why do you care if your buddy bought from your store or somewhere else? You shouldn’t take it as a slight against you- if anything he got all the important information from you, and based on that, he bought a mac. Sounds to me like you helped him out as much as you would have if he had bought from your store. You just didn’t personally ring up the purchase.

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well, i guess i care because we’re not some big business, we’re an apple dealer, so we don’t get sponsored by apple or anything, we’re just authorized to sell their products, and so every purchase is a welcome one…

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because unlike most cattle er…I mean workers in an American store, iwamoto actually cares about the performance of his store. Even if your boss doesn’t recognize it, thanks for caring about it.

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my boss is very happy with me because i care so much, i mean, i’m no drone, i don’t see it as work, i see it as…idk, i just live it…

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live the dream, worker bee. Don’t forget to take the pride and ambition with you when you open your own business.

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Woah, beast…. tone it down a tad. Bit aggressive there. You can police fluther when you’ve been around here longer.

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I’ve been around here for over a month. I had 1500 lurve. I decided it was time for a change. A new username.

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What was your previous username?

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It would all depend on what I was buying and then of the price. I bought my 42 inch LCD at walmart because it was cheaper and I havn’t had one complaint. =) the only place that sells macs in my area is best buy. I chose to order mine online just because the price was the same and it just seemed like a better idea.

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