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What was your experience with Rosetta Stone?

Asked by nuclear (296points) August 4th, 2013

I am looking into buying Rosetta Stone (Swedish) and was wondering if anyone could tell me about their experience, and whether it would be a good way to learn a language. I have a great memory and a native speaker to practice with, but I have no prior experience with learning languages.

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Im interested in this as well. The one computer based product i bought – not Rosetta Stone – didnt impress me.

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I liked it. I did Rosetta Stone Spanish and really enjoyed it. It was very interactive and a really great product. I’m still not COMPLETELY fluent in the language though, but I wasn’t expecting it to teach me the entire Spanish dictionary anyways. But if you complete it you WILL know the language and be able to conversate with people in it. The reason I did it was because I absolutely love traveling and signed up for church missions in South America. I can communicate with the people well and have decent small talk. Plus you will acquire more of the language once you interact with the people who speak it for a long period of time. I’m a crazy traveler and I plan on completing the Rosetta Stones for the other languages before I travel to Europe, Africa, and Asia so I can interract with the people who live there better. It’s a cool product. I reccomend it.

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I have Rosetta Stone French and I really like it.

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A friend of mine showed me the one for Spanish and I thought it was pretty good. I have never really used it, she just showed me it for a few minutes. Good for getting some basics. In school I was taught the rules and we conjugated verbs, but Rosetta Stone seems to be more conversational Spanish, much like how adults are typically taught a second language. Maybe they have other rules of the language also provided I don’t know. I think both are important if you want to speak a language well and also to guess at words when you need to. I liked it was interactive and in that way I believe it to be much better than just a language CD or book.

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My sister has used Pimsleur for conversational Italian, and she loves it. But learning a romance language for an English speaker is a different kettle of fish from Swedish.

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