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Should I stick with installer or switch to app store?

Asked by Mitchell (5points) June 19th, 2008 from iPhone

I know the release of App Store is July 11,
and I know I will be charged for it. So is it worth leaving installer for?

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the question is…why leave ? you can just use both.

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Stick with installer. There are still tons of new applications being added everyday.

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I am going to wait until 2.0 gets fully jailbroken and unlocked then hopefully use both. I think the AppStore will have a better quality of applications since they have to follow the Apple Human Interface guidelines and such so I am leaning towards the AppStore as my main source of apps when it comes out.

Just be careful, I am sure Apple is fed up with people hacking the OS so dont update as soon as 2.0 comes out if your phone is unlocked or even jailbroken. Let the professionals hack it then follow their lead.

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use the app store.
1. Are you really that tight that you cant spend $10
2. Supported and endorsed by apple
3. Over 3/4 of the apps will be free
4. All will be stable

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i have my ipod jailbroken right now, and im probly just gonna wait for awhile to see if anything good even comes with the app store that isnt already in installer. im sure they’ll find a way to upgrade from jailbroken 1.1.x to 2.0 anyways, and then i can have both :)

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