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Is "the price is right" still on air with new episodes?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6765points) June 19th, 2008

i heard bob barker retired, and i forgot the new guys name. hows he doing?

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Yeah Drew Carry hosts it and he’s horrible.

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Drew Carey is the new guy. Not good. Seriously that show should have ended like 15 years ago. The sad thing is aside from like the cars it still looks like they are giving away the same shit they did back in the day. Like come on, no one wants to win a fucking toaster.

This is my favorite price is right moment.

my ring tone on my phone is the price is right theme lol

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Yes. 11am EST. Also, they do a “Million Dollar Spectacular” once a week at 8pm EST.

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drew carey???? are you serious? he had his chances with the drew carey show and whos line. he’s gonna screw over television for good if they keep on giving him new shows.

@uberbatman: i would like a fucking toaster!! and luggage, and furniture, and a new armoire.

when i was like 5, my dream was to be on that show!! now that its drew carey, my dreams are shattered.

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You need to be a fdjcing weirdo to be on that show.

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uber- that girl is a ten chances genius. Thanks for that link.

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I preferred “Let’s Make a Deal” with your host, Monty Hall. Carol Marrell and whatever was behind Door No. 3… Now that’s entertainment, and they had prizes like cars.

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@uber: LMFAO!!! That link is priceless!

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drew sucks as a host they should of just canncelled it after bob left

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