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How can I make my hair soft and more shiny?

Asked by Marsheri (19points) August 13th, 2013

Hello community.
I have big problems with my hair, they are messy and not easy to comb. I don’t know what to do. Can someone tell me some tips to get my hair more shiny and softer?

Thank you!

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Try argan oil.
It seems to help my hair.

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Stop using shampoo/conditioner

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This is a very good product I have found. The shampoo is great too.

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Shampoo with keratin in it seems to be good for my hair and I stopped using conditioner.

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Do an apple cider vinegar rinse.

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@uberbatman isn’t kidding. Commercial shampoos and conditioners are packed with horrible ingredients for your hair. You should look into natural ways of cleansing and moisturizing your hair, such as the ACV rinse @Cupcake suggested (as a wash) and natural oils as conditioners/masks. You might go through a period where your hair hates you right after switching, but it’s worth it.

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First things first: make sure it’s trimmed on a regular basis to get rid of split and dry ends.

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@muppetish for me that period was about a week and a half but since then(little over three years ago now) my hair has never been healthier.

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@muppetish The ACV rinse doesn’t “wash” my hair. I wash with baking soda and water and rinse with ACV or use an organic conditioner. I only do this every 2–3 days.

My hair has never been better.

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Try a mayonaise hair mask. Really!

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@answerjill I understand why that would work but I just don’t think I could bring myself to putting mayo in my hair :P

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To me, mayonaise is so hard to get off of my hands, plus the smell lingers even after using soap, that I cannot imagine having it in my hair.

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