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This haircut, how do I do it?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) December 17th, 2009

I’ve wanted this[ ] hairstyle for ages now.
I’ve been trying to cut my hair like this style but I can’t
seem to get it right.
I’m Asian I have straight hair.
I want this haircut but without the waves, I can add the waves with a curling iron but you know what I mean, right?

How do I get this haircut? What is the hairstyle name for this cut?

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It’s called “scene”, and it’s supposed to look like you don’t care about it, but it will actually take a lot of time and energy. Could include curling irons, gels, and constant trimming. I’d recommend going to a stylist with the photo and watching them as they recreate it.

I’d advise against it as a whole… but good luck!

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Instead of doing it yourself ; why not take the picture to a professional… might cost a few bucks ; BUT you’ll have the hairstyle that YOU want .

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Are you certain that isn’t a wig?

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@HighShaman Yeah… I’ve been to a few salons, showed them pictures of how I wanted them to cut my hair and it was a disaster it never comes out the way I want and it comes out way worse than I had my hair already. So I do not trust any salons/“professionals” over here, I will not go to anyone. I prefer to have it done myself because I know how I want my hair to be cut better than they do.

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If it doesn’t work out how you want it at the salon, then maybe your hair texture isn’t suited for this kind of cut.

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are you looking for like the layers part of it or the bang style?

it looks like she has medium layers in the front and just some choppy bangs.. if you have longer bangs its going to be a lot easier to cut.. it has a lot to do with how you style it each day too.

its definitely hard to tell you exactly how to do your bangs but i will try..

You need to part straight down the middle.. go back ehh about three to four inches from where your hairline starts and use a pick to separate where you want your bangs to start from the longer part of your hair.

Pull your hair up straight above your head and the down like you are trying to touch your nose. ( Hold it down but not tightly between your index and middle)

and with sharp hair scissors cut up towards your fingers at the length you want it.

Everyday when and if you blow dry it you are going to have to be aware of how your hair works with a dryer and go from there.

Hope this helped.
Good luck!

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@danbambam It’s both, the layers and the bang style.
Haha I think I have to read your bang style instructions a few more times to understand what you mean but thank you. I know it was hard for you to explain over the internet but eventually after reading it a couple of times I will understand.

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@xTheDreamer : I know exactly what you mean about going to salons.. I always feel disappointed in the end. It’s like.. why spend money when I know I’m going to hate the outcome?

hopefully it works for you!.. Post a pic if it does! :)

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