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Is it true that your hair will be different after you have shaved your head?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) December 17th, 2009

I was thinking of doing a Chelsea haircut, here’s a picture of what a Chelsea haircut is if you didn’t know what it was

I’ve talked to my mom about it, when she saw that I have to shave my head for that haircut she told me that people have told her that your hair wouldn’t be as nice as it was before you’ve shaven it. So to that meaning they meant for instance, if you had smooth silky wavy hair or so and you shaved your head your hair wouldn’t grow back as nicely, silky and wavy as it was.
Is this true?

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It wasn’t my experience. I would have to say no unless you are genetically predisposed towards hair loss and don’t grow it back for many years.
You cut your hair, not the genetic code.

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My hair fell out due to chemo; I looked like a peeled hard-boiled egg for several months. Then hair grew back exactly as it had been.

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Well, the ends will be different than if they had been cut with normal scissors, but the hair itself will be the same as always.

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Maybe your mom’s just trying to convince you to not do something you’ll regret 10 minutes after doing it.

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the hair will be the same. i’ve heard of people who have had chemo and lost all their hair, and when it grew back it was different. my grandma’s was!

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My friend insisted on me shaving my baby’s hair after she was born – supposedly it would come in thicker and fuller that way, but I don’t believe that.

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I don’t know how universal the truth is, but, It happened to my sister that way. She had very curly hair until my brother shaved her head(he was 5, She was 3). When it finally grew out, it only had a slight wave in it.

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@Ghost_in_the_system: My hair was also extremely curly when I was around two, and then a few months later in the photo albums, it wasn’t. Now it’s pin straight. Just sayin’.

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If you want to do something really extreme and do some good at the same time, why not have your head shaved as a fundraiser for St. Baldrick’s Day? Raise a bunch of money for a good cause, take off all your hair AND get to use it as volunteer experience on college applications.

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You mean it was white rather than her normal brunette. :)

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It will not change your hair in any way, unless you treat the hair differently before and after you shave it. For instance, if beforehand you use a lot of conditioner when washing it, then after not as much, your hair will probably be less silky. Other than that though, shaving your head has no more effect on your hair than shaving the hair on your legs(that is to say, none at all).

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@SeventhSense you know my gram?!

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No but Grandpa does——> ‹(•¿•)›

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I hear some people actually get thicker, wavier hair after they shave it – so, it could go either way.

wish I had the balls to get a haircut like that . . .

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It is simply not true that your hair will grow in differently after shaving your head.

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my head was shaved when i was a teenager and i kept it shaved all summer, when my hair grew back it was the same as before…

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Your hair will grow back exactly the way it was genetically predisposed to. So if it was curly, it will grow back curly. If it was straight and thick, it will grow back straight and thick.
Your mother is clearly trying to frighten you off getting this daring hair cut, as mothers do.

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