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Can hair grow back after you get a tattoo on your head?

Asked by warribbons (606points) January 16th, 2010

I was just wondering if hair could grow back after you get a tattoo on, for example, the back of your head.

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I’m pretty sure that the tattooing process does not damage hair follicles (I’ve certainly seen plenty of hairy tattooed forearms, etc).

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@delirium and @syz kape, that’s it. im going to get a tattoo on my head. ty

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Aren’t we helpful. What excellent decision making process you have here. I’m in awe. Shock. Astounded.

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That would defeat the purpose of the tattoo on your head .. unless it’s rabbit and you wanted it to be fuzzy.

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@Saschin it would be like wearing a shirt over your tattoo, but it would take far more effort to cover and uncover

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Um, that was hardly an endorsement of the idea.

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Yes. My grandson’s father has a Raider tattoo on the back of his stupid head, and hair grows on it (well, it is well fertilized).

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Hey, i have a question: if i get a tattoo on my eyeball, will i go blind? ha

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Hair grows where skin has been tattooed on other parts of the body, so I’d imagine it wouldn’t be different on the head.

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Eye Tattoo

No, they’ve done it a few times, John.

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@delirium My daughter has a friend who had this done. Frankly, I would wonder if someone with that much blue in their eyes has been around too much spice in Dune.

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dune is awesome.

i want a tattoo on my eye now.

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Hahahahahaha, excellent point. I… I am not in a position to judge, but I’ll admit to having wondered similar things once or twice.

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@delirium ok, that link totally freaked me out

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Heh, sorry. Yeah. It can do that.

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Get a treasure map tattooed all over your scalp, then with your dying words say, “Shave my head.”

. . . I really liked the movie Cutthroat Island as a kid.

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